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Peter Capaldi drops a massive hint signalling that Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) might be KILLED OFF in Series 9!


Are we saying goodbye to Clara Oswald this Series? This Autumn could see the final appearance Jenna Coleman as she may be getting killed off this year. Start the clock. Is it true?

Talking to Doctor Who News Peter Capaldi said:

"The thing that is tricky about the Doctor and his relationship with companions. You know, Christopher Eccleston said in his first episode, 'I can see… everything. All there has ever been and all there ever will be. And that drives me mad'.

He then later added:

"So in a way, the Doctor knows the fate of all of his companions. That makes it… difficult. But [with Clara] he is deliberately enjoying the relationship and this great toy box of time and space that they can explore together. But of course, as it’s Doctor Who, there is an ever deepening shadow pursuing them.”

Last year we know Jenna Coleman wanted to leave the show at the end of Series 8. But decided to stay for another Series. This was because she was persuaded to stay by the BBC Bosses. Jenna has commented on Series 9 saying that she has "unfinished business"with the Doctor.

Clara and the 12th Doctor
Clara and the 12th Doctor

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