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Stephen Amell has long since proven that he's just as much of a flailing fan as most of us are when it comes to his favorite hobbies. From photoshopping himself (several times) with a lightsaber to saluting cosplayers for doing amazing jobs on their Arrow suit replicas, Amell has proven that despite how much marketing for Arrow might insist that he is some kind of god-like creature of myth, he seems to be a down-to-earth guy who fanboys out when given the opportunity.

So, when it comes to his love for the WWE, Amell hasn't necessarily been shy about it, and this has apparently led him to a bit of trouble with the whimsical and outlandish wrestler known as Stardust (a.k.a. Cody Rhodes, son of the late Dusty Rhodes).

An ongoing Twitter "battle" began between the two after their fateful meeting earlier this summer at RAW, and now it seems as though Stardust has taken subtweeting to the small screen, fitting a subliminal jab at the Arrow star into one of his latest monologues:

"Even the sharpest arrows, no matter what color... come crashing down! Only stars last eternal..."

Of course, it didn't take Amell long to reply via his Facebook:


This particular feud has made for something of a distraction from the very recent death of Rhodes' father in real life. But some wrestling fans have been extremely critical of the feud due to Rhodes not having been given a chance to really mourn him before going directly back into the ring with fresh makeup and weird, Joker-esque quips. Who knows? Maybe this is Rhodes' way to mourn the passing of his father.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, it seems as though the stars are lining up for the two to meet, and possibly even face off at SummerSlam on August 23rd.


Who are YOU rooting for?


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