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Artist Gondekdraws' brightly colored illustrations of pop icons might seem to be melting, but if you look closely they really are exploding. What you are seeing is not just the results and after-effects of high heat, but extremely unleashed fusion, the literal effects of a nuclear bomb shredding flesh from bone.

The hyperactive colors of cartoon characters exploding makes the horror livable, watchable and unimaginable at the personal level.

Sure these cartoon characters can explode. That is what some of them do (Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny) on frequent occasions. They get hit by blunt objects, repeatedly die and resurrect themselves over and over again for endless hijinks.

What Gondekdraws does is show you the destruction that the animators never dared to draw, because it would take you out of the suspension of disbelief. It would leave you wondering for the briefest of seconds what it would be like to explode so violently. To see it happen in front of you before you die. Like a chicken watching its severed body dance in front of it, no one wants to watch the absurdity of existence before their own nonexistence. We'd all rather die peacefully in bed.

You can find more Gondekdraws art on his Instagram page.

They Live

Toy Story Pizza Planet Aliens

Mickey Mouse

Homer Simpson

Tom and Jerry


Bugs Bunny

Bart Simpson


The Green Goblin

Beavis and Butthead

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