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If you have spotted Wrinkles, report your sightings here, he's out there!!
HvUseen Wrinkles

Home security footage submitted by an East Naples Man (who asked to remain anonymous) shows Wrinkles The Clown stealing balloons that were tied to his mailbox.

"I got a call from my neighbor while we were out getting some last minute gifts for my daughters birthday party. She told me that there was some clown lurking around the neighborhood and that he had been walking past my house in the street. She thought we had hired a clown and I told her that we had not. I got on my security camera app from my phone so that I could take a look at what was going on. I panned the camera right and sure enough there he was standing in the street. When he walked out of frame I tried to follow him but the bushes blocked the way. I went back to see if had maybe turned around and went back the other way but he was nowhere to be found. I then switched back again to the walkway and there he was with the balloons we had put on the mailbox for my daughters birthday party!"

Watch the video Here


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