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So often when watching movies, we focus on the actors and actresses since they are the stars of the production. However, there is another star that often goes overlooked: food. Very often I have noticed that there are many movies centered and wholly based around food, and the preparation and look of the food is the most important part. Below, I have listed three great examples of movies where food is the star of the show and the detail and work put into the presentation of food is remarkable:

1. Chef (2014) :

The image below is a warm pressed panini with roasted meat, melted cheese, pickles, and a squirt of mustard. Hungry? I know I am! In the movie Chef, this cuban sandwich, and many other delicious items take the spotlight. It is a story of a man who is burned out from his demanding boss and uninspiring job working as head chef at a restaurant in LA, and decides to create a food truck business. His food truck not only leads him on an adventure bringing him closer to his only son, but ends up becoming super popular and sets him off on a culinary journey of a lifetime. This tasteful film is all about food, and the movie is jam-packed with scenes of him and his son cooking together, The sandwiches and other food this chef cooks truly are the gourmet stars of the film.

2. Ratatouille:

This is an adorable children's film about a boy who is hired at a famous restaurant as a garbage man. He runs into a talking rat, who happens to be a gourmet chef as well, and the two combine forces and kill two birds with one stone: the boy gets to pursue a job as a chef with the help of the rat, and the rat gets to do what he loves most. The movie is filled with scenes of food preparation that are a delight to watch. Ultimately, the main characters win over the harshest critic with Ratatouille. It is perfectly prepared to delight not only the mouth, but the eyes as well. The meals prepared in this film are definitely characters in their own right, a delicious addition to this hilarious film.

3. 100 Foot Journey:

This movie tells the story of an Indian family that moves across the street (100 feet to be exact) from a sophisticated restaurant in a small, French town. The owner of this fancy establishment is used to her old fashioned ways, and is at first not open to the idea of a new and different styled restaurant across the street. After a long battle over customers between the two restaurants she comes to realize what is truly important, and discovers that the chef at the new restaurant has incredible potential if she undertakes him as a student. She learns that expanding her style may actually be helpful to her restaurant as well. It is a movie centered around amazing food of both French and Indian variety.

Anyway, now that I have made all of you hungry, I would like to know which of these movies you believe displayed the best food, and which looked the most delicious to you. List any other movies below that you believe food has taken over as well!


Which movie featured the best food?


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