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As the world ends, many characters in the Marvel universe were forced to make some drastic decisions on how the chose to spend the last moments of their lives. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark chose to fight in the streets over who was truly right and wrong. Magneto chose to try and prove to the world that only he can actually save all of us. But Frank Castle chose to be the same man that he always was. He was not going to shy away from his morals. He knew that there was still people out there that needed to be punished. So, when a group of Americans were being held hostage in a foreign country, only he can save them. This is how Frank castle chose to spend his last moments as the world comes to an end.

Nathan Edmondson chose to end the newest version of the Punisher comic with a feeling if where Frank really stands in the Marvel universe. Sure, he combated some super villains, but when it comes to a final incursion, he can't be involved in that. This is the world that he lives. Frank was a Vietnam vet and a person who knows that only he can truly punish the guilty. What makes this specific issue so unique is that it is told from the perspective of the Black Dawn fighters, who are holding a few Americans hostage. We get to see the terror in their eyes as the "devil" comes to pay them a visit. They have seen the reports and they know exactly who the Punisher truly is. There would be no surviving any of this. Using gritty art from Mitch Gerads helps to convey the terror that is coming, plus the distinct art of the sky above helps to show that the final incursion is moments away. Punisher once again come to an end, with yet another creative team saying goodbye to the vigilante. Having a gritty tone, and great symbolism, this final issue is more than fitting to the character. This is a fitting end to this version of Frank castle, and right now we don't know where he stands in the future of the Marvel universe. So, for now let's all say Goodbye to Frank Castle. I give this issue a 7 out of 10.


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