ByBrad Dee, writer at

In the world of the Maestro, he will always feel that he is the superior being. The future of the Marvel universe consists of only one hero/villain, and that is him. Nobody can stand up to him, and he keeps relics/artifacts of all his many conquests. We have seen him on numerous times, and we all know the fact that he is even more powerful then the Incredible Hulk. After all, he is a Bruce Banner with no morals left, but all of his intelligence. So now, we have an adventure where the Maestro is on a world where he knows that he is not the superior being. What must he do? He must plot to overthrow who is in charge and rule the world on his own.

Peter David has done a unique job in this tale of presenting us with a comic soap opera that we are expecting. In the first issue, we are seen with the overall plot of what is happening and introduced to all the main characters that will be seen in the epic. In the second issue, we learn what the plans are that will happen and are put into a massive fight that will envelop almost the entire issue. But, in the third issue, we get nothing. If a person read issue 2 and the final page of issue 3, they will get the story. The rest of this issue is a battle between the troops of General Ross and the Maestros men as they fight to get Ross back. But, in terms of the storyline, there is literally no progress. If you skipped this issue fully, you wouldn't have missed anything. The art is still good enough to keep us enthralled and the dialogue is still crisp at least to keep us turning the pages. Plus, there is a cliffhanger that shows us where the players on the chessboard will be in the next installment. But for this issue, there was alot more that could have been done that Peter David chose not to do. The Maestro doesn't even appear in this issue until the final 4 pages. I was disappointed in a issue of a series I so far have enjoyed. I give this issue just a 4 out of 10.


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