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While American Horror Story brings in record-breaking ratings year after year, one must wonder how the show will fare now that it is losing it's star attraction: Jessica Lange. Let's face it, Lange is irreplaceable. Over the course of four seasons, Lange played four incredibly powerful women, usually stealing every scene that she was in. Now that she has decided the leave, there are doubts about the future of the show. Can the show continue without her? American Horror Story is lucky enough to benefit from the anthology format, thus changing it's storyline every season, so Lange will not need to be written out meaning that they can start fresh without her. If the show is lucky enough to survive past it's fifth season, who should step in and fill Lange's shoes? or at the very least make her absence less noticeable. I have compiled a list of four potential actors who could fit right in on American Horror Story.

1. Michelle Pfeiffer

When it comes to leading ladies, very few possess the gift to captivate an audience like Michelle Pfeiffer. With several genres of film in her repertoire ranging from Batman Returns to Grease 2, Pfeiffer could play any role. American Horror Story is reknowned for it's movie star actors, such as Lange, so Pfeiffer would be at home on this show.

2. Linda Hamilton

What more can I say? Who wouldn't want to see Sarah Connor in American Horror Story? Hamilton will always be reknowned for originating the role of Sarah Connor in the beloved Terminator franchise as well as Catherine Chandler in the original Beauty and the Beast television series. Having played both the helpess, scared victim in The Terminator and the powerful, fearless woman in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, I think Hamilton would be a perfect fit for the show. Moreover, American Horror Story is reknowned for featuring strong and powerful leading female roles and no one is more strong and powerful than Sarah Connor.

3. Patricia Arquette

The Emmy and Oscar winning actress has been making headlines recently for her role in the film Boyhood, which I have yet to see. However, I've been a fan of Arquette for years, following her weekly as Allison DuBois on the hit series Medium, for which she won an Emmy. As a celebrated actress, Arquette would fit right in on American Horror Story, and it's not as if scary things will be a first for her!

4. Lea Michele

When it comes to powerful leading ladies, Michele is no stranger, having played glee club leader and Broadway baby Rachel Berry for six seasons on Ryan Murphy's other hit show Glee. On Glee, Michele has proven herself time and again to be an amazing actress, both comedically and dramatically, earning herself an Emmy nomination. She is currently working on Murphy's new show Scream Queens which as been described as Glee meets American Horror Story. Furthermore, Michele has made it known on several occasions that she is a fan of the show. It is also worth noting that three out of the four seasons of American Horror Story have featured musical performances, and when it comes to singing there are little who can out perform Michele. She seems like a perfect addition to the show. Make it happen Murphy!


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