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"SUPERGIRL!" chimed hundreds of girls as they and Supergirl star Melissa Benoist raised their fists into the air to emulate the superheroine's classic pose. They were at a special event this week, when CBS invited 400 girls and moms to an exclusive special screening of the Supergirl pilot. On top of the screening, the girls were given their own capes, bracelets and Supergirl temporary tattoos, but the real surprise didn't come until after the screening itself.

Just as the audience was getting up to leave, Melissa Benoist practically flew onto the stage to surprise them. Check out the extremely cute video below:

Benoist guided the crowd outside for a special meet-and-greet, where young fans posed with the actress and exchanged notes on being awesome, and their natural super-powered fighting moves.

For her part, the spirited Benoist says she realizes the amount of importance that the role, and the show, carry for girls and women in entertainment and the superhero realm. The actress told PEOPLE:

In some ways it has hit me, and in other ways it hasn't ... I am fully aware of how much Supergirl means to her fans and how much she has the ability to affect people for the better, but I'm not sure I am quite aware of how large that circle of affectation is – and I might not be until the show begins to air in the fall.

The marketing campaign behind Supergirl continues the show's unashamed presentation of optimism and its decisively different tone from DC's other live action adaptations (in both attitude and color scheme). This is a new frontier for modern day superhero shows that hasn't really been delved into since Smallville, and that kind of tradition breaking presents a certain set of challenges, but it seems like the cast and crew are ready to take those on.


Will you be tuning in when Supergirl premieres?


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