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Ant Man is the conclusion for Phase 2 Marvel Cinematic Universe but is it the biggest of Phase 2 ? definitely not. In fact at 130 Million dollars of budget this is the smallest Marvel Studios movie ever made and the movie is really compact in it's scope and scale, does it mean Ant Man isn't good enough let's find out.

It's good to know that Marvel Studios realizes that the appetite for actual and real origin story movies are dying and they deserve a pat for making Ant Man a 1 hour and 56 minutes movie which is crisp and to the point and not slow like most of the other origin story movies.

At it's heart Ant Man is a pure heist movie meets shrinking movie, and almost the entire movie is about breaking in into a place and saving the world with a touch of shrinking sci fi from the 80's or 90's but with ANTS this time around.

The casting of this movie is one of it's strong point, everyone are perfectly cast and they totally own their respective roles especially Michael Douglas, Evageline Lilly, Corey Stoll, Micheal Pena and not to forget Paul Rudd, a decision which is pure golden. And I have to say the juxtaposition of Scott Lang(Paul Rudd) and Hank Pym (Micheal Douglas) is really artistic and extremely relatable in fact Scott Lang is the most relatable hero put to screen ever by Marvel Studios !

The action sequences were extremely creative both in terms of choreography and cinematography and felt fresh because we have never seen a fight sequence of an insect sized man going at it with full sized humans with weapons, obviously Ant Man has superhuman strength and invisibility due to his size as his greatest advantages and that plays out perfectly well on screen.

From a broader perspective this is a comedic movie (no pun intended) and the DNA of this movie is it's humor and it fits the tone and theme of this movie and it's characters perfectly well and never feels out of place or unnecessary as it did with Avengers Age of Ultron.

But truly speaking, if someone brings up the name Ant Man people would generally joke about it maybe because they find it silly or goofy, but the opening sequences of this movie sells the concept of Ant Man as a really frightening and dangerous night mare given the tactical applications of an insect sized operative, the movie actually shows how a certain Ant Man changed the course of war back in 60's and that was like intense.

But coming back to the heist and shrinking part, we really get to see why Scott Lang is an expert con man and after his first field mission you will totally buy him as a super cool burglar with brains and with regard to the shrinking part, it was a whole new experience because we have never experienced such a level of connection with ants as a character in a movie or in general and the best part is you actually feel for these ants and the whole concept of ant team work and mechanism which was shown in this movie was down right brilliant.

This movie obviously makes it a point to remind the masses that Ant Man is part of the larger Marvel universe and they cleverly integrated those easter eggs and a particular cameo and this also happens to be the first solo movie in MCU which gives a proper reason as to why Avengers aren't dealing with the mess in this movie, which is great.

But is this a perfect movie, no there is a flaw with this movie as well and by this time you would have guessed it, it's the villain, I don't know why but villains are more of an after thought in Marvel Studios movies and they generally don't get the character development space or the fleshing out their intentions part right, Yes Daren Cross/Yellow Jacket also suffers from the same problem in an otherwise flawless movie, and the music/soundtrack wasn't something that you would immediately go home and search on the internet, in other terms there wasn't anything special with the musical score of this movie and was forgettable.


  • Almost Everything


  • Under developed Villain
  • Generic and Bland soundtracks
  • Little re-watch value (you might not enjoy watching this movie as a whole again on home video)

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