ByKena Thunder, writer at
10) The motherfucking trailer. 9) Batfleck will be give us the best Batman there is, and that's not arguable. 8) You have Spider-man swinging, we have Red Hood plotting in the shadows. 7) Doomsday, the motherfucking monster that killed Superman will make the best visual effects in addition to posing real danger unlike Ultron (kill count: only one). 6) EXPANSION OF THE DC UNIVERSE, which is more exhilarating to see than an already established universe...Like the trailer v. the actual movie, or planning a vacation rather than actually being in vacation. 5) Dawn of the Justice League which actually makes sense, juxtaposed to The Avengers where you have a movie where all of them randomly meet and all of the sudden work together, in one fucking movie...Dawn of Justice is a precursor to Justice League which makes more sense! 4) Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor will be manipulative and downright complex, much more than any MCU villain you can name. 3) We have Wonder Woman who has been an icon for the United States politically and sentimentally. 2) It's dark, like MoS, and although we Civil War suggests it might dark as well, we know the MCU has a knack for comedy. 1) It's motherfucking Batman and Superman which speaks more volume than Cap and Tony

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