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Lizzie Zoe Kavanagh

Tim Curry is the best Pennywise clown there is. Hands down. All of these 'other' ones are tame and not as scary. When Tim Curry plays Pennywise, he adds the...scariness of what most children fear, a clown and that is what makes him better.

The way his clown is portrayed is that he is 'friendly' but then once he gets to know the kids, he kills them because when we first are introduced to Pennywise, he smiles at a young girl in the start of the film and she smiles back but then he attacks because he is not from this world and that is how Tim Curry does that.

Tim Curry is known for all sorts of films but IT really made him stand out because no-one knew it was him and the way he brings out the dark side of himself, it creates fear in the viewers because what they see, makes them jump as he talks to George Dembrough and comes across as friendly but when poor, unsuspecting Georgie reaches in, Pennywise kills him. This gets to most parents because that is their fear. Of their child being killed.

No other actor could replace Tim Curry as Pennywise and no other costume for IT can make it even scarier. I have read the book and watched the film quite a few times and it still scares me to this day. Lets not mess with a classic. The old Pennywise is the best and always will be. Those portraits of Pennywise that were posted, they are not scary enough. The younger Generation wants horrors to be scary, fully of suspension and thrills. The classic IT has that. Keep Pennywise as he is and let's see how today's generation will handle IT and see what they think of IT without the use of today's technology and the use of CGI.

I am a 19 year old woman but I have been watching Horrors since I was 8 years old and in my opinion, big movie companies are messing with classics that should be left alone. Especially IT because it will be ruined by today's technologies and the use of CGI. Leave the classic Pennywise alone and keep him to how he is.

This is only my opinion but I am quite old for my age so I can talk for most people my age who want scares, thrills, suspense, suspicion and all the rest of it. PLEASE, leave Pennywise alone.

Thank you all for reading this. I am sorry for being so blunt but that is who I am.


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