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With Disney rehashing their animated films into live-action, a trend that started with "Alice in Wonderland", I think it's possibly inevitable that Disney will remake "The Little Mermaid" ( because I don't think the remake by Universal will go anywhere). If Disney remade "Mermaid" into live-action I hope they will be faithful to the animated film just like the upcoming remake of "Beauty and the Beast", with all the songs from the film, at least one song from the Broadway show, and two newly written songs. In terms of cast here's my dream cast....

Sarah Bolger as Ariel

I know she played Aurora on ABC's "Once Upon a Time" but she has the blue eyes and the fair skin. Slap a red wig on her and she would be ready to go. Granted I don't know she can sing but maybe if she can't handle singing "Part of your World" she could be dubbed.

Kit Harington as Prince Eric

He probably doesn't look like the movie but he fits my idea of Prince Eric. If he can sing maybe they could add the song "Her Voice" from the stage production.

Tyne Daly as Ursula

She does mostly stage work nowadays but I think this could be a good return to TV and film roles. I can see her singing the hell of "Poor Unfortunate Souls" and give Ursula a more complex history with King Triton. Maybe as a spunned love?

Kelsey Grammer as King Triton

I can't see anyone else possibly playing this role. And since he also sings, I'd give him a solo to sing when he's wondering where Ariel is afraid that he scared her away.

Jamie Foxx as Sebastian

This could vindicate him for the awful remake of "Annie"

Patrick Stewart as Sir Grimsby

Christian Borle as Scuttle

Jaeden Lieberher as Flounder

Alexander Skarsgard as Flotsam

Jared Leto as Jetsam

Stanley Tucci as Chef Louis

Lesley Manville as Carlotta

Emily Ratajkowski as Vanessa

So what do you think of my choices and who would want to see in a remake of Disney's animated classic?


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