BySabir Ahmed, writer at

Its my life time number 1 most Science fiction horror survival game and most violent game i ever seen.I love 2 thing Science fiction and Horror zombie type,and this game has the 2 thing. I have Dead Space 4 group. Its only 1 big Dead Space 4 group in Facebook,and i am admin in this group.My group name is Dead Space 4 Fans & EarthGov! Even you can't imagine how much i love this game.Its change my think about Dead Space.Believe it or not 2 or 3 time i saw a drem about Dead Space,Dead Space actually happened earth, i mean my Dead Space dream.I can't understand peoples my dream feelings, its complicated and remarkable. I am crazy Dead Space lover + gamer. So please make Dead Space 4.I love EA Visual and they are think about Dead Space. I love to see peoples reaction about Dead Space.I am from Bangladesh. So please make it Dead Space 4.I want many many Drad Space series.... Infinite.. Dead Space 4;5;6;7;8;9;10; etc. So please EA/ Visual make Dead Space 4..And please make sure future this series will be (become a) continue... Thanks all and love you, mostly EA/Visual...


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