ByAubrey Allen Poppleton, writer at

My Idea for a crowdfunding is a story. It doesn't sound like much, but if done write it can bring in a lot of money.

The plan is simple all you need is a website and the beginning of several stories from various genres. People will read the unfinished story and if they like they can auction off to see who can write the next section of the story simple really or pay a set amount to start a new story.

Some stories can have a list of characters that must be included or leave it up to other writers to add their own as it goes. The same can go for certain events in the story that have to occur somehow. The story can then be ended when the original creator of the first section decides it is ready to end, they then select the option to end the story and chose whether to finish them selves or let it be auctioned off.

Some rules will need to be set into place, for instance spamming and age limiting certain stories.

All in all this could be good idea to obtain money and future ideas. This doesn't even have to be for one project it could be open to all with a system that makes it so that the creator of the first section of their own custom story gets the money in the end. I truly think that this is a great idea for funding and aspiring writers what do you think?


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