ByGail T Toombes, writer at

Well after the recent movie of Magic Mike XXL I'm certain that this has got the attention of all the girls out there. Matt Bomer singing for a starters, who knew right? Well, I sure as hell know that just the sound of his voice got every girl going in the movie theatre, but what would you expect with his perfection.

The plot of Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) actually broken up with Brooke (Cody Horn) from the first sequel of Magic Mike, goes on a road trip with his old buddies and picks up a few friends from the past. They begin to find themselves again, come up with new routines and blow everyone away in the finale. With a little bit of kinky (okay, lets admit there was a lot of kinky) acts and a bit of romance. Zoe our much loved hippy girl who is supposedly not into boys? Well is it just me or would you turn straight again after the finale ;)

Will there be a sequel? Well, I am pretty sure I speak for every girl on this planet earth when I say 'Please let there be a Magic Mike 3'.


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