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News from the Arrow-verse is coming thick and fast this week, and with new and old characters appearing (or reappearing), glimpses of new costumes, and multiple connections to The Flash and [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), it's getting difficult to keep up.

With over two months to go until the start of the new season, there is bound to be more news to come. For the moment, however, here's a little wrap up of the latest.

Double Down

Teen Wolf star JR Bourne was announced to play Double Down, a DC villain who can use his tattoos of playing cards as weapons. A member of the Rogues Gallery, the assumption is that this guy will play more into The Flash than Arrow (possibly even appearing in Legends of Tomorrow) but The Wrap reported that he will be making his first appearance in Arrow Season 4, Episode 3.

Baron Blitzkreig

Another new villain will be Baron Blitzkreig, played by Jimmy Akingbola, who will also be introducing the criminal organisation Shadowspire. According to Deadline, the Baron will be appearing in flashbacks as a potential employer for Oliver. This also confirms that we aren't done with the flashbacks yet - there's plenty more to see before we pick up with Oliver's "rescue" from the island.

Damien Darkh (and H.I.V.E.)

Damien Darkh has been teased throughout season three, and now the villainous H.I.V.E. member has officially been cast in a "pivotal and series regular" role for the upcoming season. TVLine reports that Damien will be played by Neal McDonough - and this isn't his first comic book role. McDonough also played Dum Dum Dugan in Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter and the Agent Carter one-shot.

The introduction of Damien also means big things for H.I.V.E. coming to the series. They have already appeared (as the organization that hired Deadshot to kill Diggle's brother), and there are connections with Deathstroke that could be explored as well. Damien has also been mentioned as a past adversary of Ra's Al Ghul, which creates yet another link to Team Arrow and Starling City. Now that Malcolm Merlyn has command of the League, it seems that H.I.V.E. is being set up as the big bad for season four.


Another villainous addition to the cast comes in the form of Anarky, "a freelancing ciminial who would do anything to impress a future employer" (according to ComicBookMovie). Anarky, whose real name is Lonnie Machin, will be played by Alexander Calvert, and will appear from the second episode of season four. The general assumption is that the "employer" he is trying to impress is either Damien Darkh or connected to him through H.I.V.E.

Mr Terrific

A final addition to the cast is actually a good guy, in the form of Curtis Holt, played by Echo Kellum (as revealed by EW). Curtis will also be appearing in episode two, as a Palmer Tech employee working under Felicity's supervision. Of course, the really interesting bit of news here is that if Curtis is working under Felicity from the second episode, that would mean that Oliver and Felicity return at the very beginning of the season.

Special Bonus Possibility: Constantine

Just in case you didn't think that there were enough new faces coming to the Arrow-verse, there's still the possibility of one more DC TV name joining the show. Earlier this month, IGN reported that the producers were still trying to get Constantine on board for an appearance, despite the show's cancellation.

So there you have it! One addition to Team Arrow, and a whole slew of villains coming for season four. We're also promised two new criminal organizations in Shadowspire and H.I.V.E., and some extra crossover goodness with The Flash and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow.

As this universe continues to grow, I cannot wait to see who else gets added to the roster!

Arrow returns to the CW on October 7th


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