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Luke Gordon Smith

Paul Rudd has recently pulled out of the shadows with his role as Scott Lang in Ant-Man. People really don't know a lot about this talented actor. So here we have 14 things that the average person doesn't know about Paul Rudd.

Both Of His Parents Are British

He Was Born In New Jersey

He Graduated From Oxford

His First Movie Was About Halloween

He's A Huge Fan Of Lost

He Was Once A Model

He Is A Big Fan Of The Kansas City Royals

He Has Known Jon Hamm Since High School

He Beat Out Jeremy Renner For The Role As Josh In Clueless

He Has Been Pranking Conan O'Brien With The Same Mac And Me Clip For Ten Years

He Has Been Married Since 2003 And Has 2 Kids

To Prepare For Ant-Man, He Bought His Own Ant Farm

He Is Good Friends With Veronica Mars's Creator Rob Thomas, And Has Appeared On The Show Several Times

He Wrote The Line "60% Of The Time, It Works Everytime" in Anchorman


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