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Sarah Wayne (Bella)

Hey guys it's me again & I just read an article concerning on who might be the villain in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad which will hit theaters on August 5th,2016.& I have high hopes for this movie & I think David Ayer won't screw this movie up.But anyways if you want to go check out the article you can.But I personally think that the bad guy in Suicide Squad will be The Joker,despite the rumors about him being locked up in Arkahm or prison during the entire movie but I doubt that would happen.Enchantress yeah she could be one of the villains of the movie.But what if Joker could be one of the villains?He could possibly be The Squad's main target.They could have side villains such as Enchantress or Lex Luthor but what if Joker was the main target?What if he plans something so huge,that Amanda what's to put together this whole squad of villains,he ends up being the main target?

Maybe he broke out of Arkham at the beginning of the movie & Amanda wants to make sure he get's locked back up by having The Squad go after him but The Squad ends up running into some people?Enchantress or maybe Lex Luthor?

What do you guys think?Will Joker be the main villain in Suicide Squad or will somebody else be?Let me know in the comments below.


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