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Both of these characters are more similar than you think. Both were with their respective military, determined to take down destructive monsters/monster. However, in order to take down this threat, they resolved to becoming what they fought so hard to destroy. Now today, I am going to perform extensive research in order to find out, which hot headed monstrous brute takes the throne in this Battle Arena.

Eren Jaeger

Eren had a terrible childhood. He got beaten up by bullies trying to defend his friends. Oh, it gets worse from there. Living in a world ravaged by monstrous creatures known as Titans, Eren's village, which was protected by a large wall, got breached by the Titans. In result, Eren witnessed his Mother get eaten alive in such a brutal fashion. This sparked a fire inside Eren, and fire which which made Eren dedicate his life to kill every single Titan out there. After joining the military of his village, Eren trained to kill Titans, but after another breach, Eren discovered a unique ability. He became a Titan.


  • Master Hand to Hand Combatant- Eren was trained by his fellow comrades to fend for himself if ever put into a fist fight. While useless against the enemies they intend to fight, 10 Meter tall monstrous Titans, it still allows him to fend off any human attackers if that ever happens. However, this gives him an incredible advantage when fighting as a Titan against other Titans.
  • 3D Maneuver Gear- Eren and his comrades were specifically trained to use the 3D Maneuver Gear, a gas powered grappling device strapped to the user, which fires off grappling hooks at immense speed and force, allowing the user to fly and zip around the area at blinding speeds, perfect for taking out the dumb, retarded Titans. Eren is highly trained in this regard, impressing his teachers that he was able to successfully lift himself using a broken 3D gear, something which they stated was "miraculous".
  • Skilled Swordsman- The 3D Maneuver Gear came with armed Steel swords, perfect for cutting through the skin of Titans with ease. When utilized with the 3D Maneuver Gear, Eren can zip around and slice through Titans like they are nothing.
  • Titan Shifting- Eren is one of the few people capable of transforming into a Titan. With the exact reason of how he can do so is unknown, after getting eaten by a Titan, Eren suddenly transformed into one himself, tearing out of the Titan's body. As a Titan, Eren is a mindless rage monster. The only way he can transform into a Titan is to inflict pain on himself and to have a determined goal as to why he is transforming into a Titan. If he has no goal, then the transformation will fail and he will remain human. Also, as he continues to transform constantly, his intelligence as a Titan improves a well, going from a mindless beast to actually having self awareness.
  • Regeneration- As a Titan, Eren has immense regenerative powers. Being able to regenerate entire limbs in a matter of moments, Eren can take a massive beating, and come out of it just fine. Eren also retains his regenerative powers when in his human form, but not to the same extent.
  • Enhanced Strength- As a Titan, Eren's strength is incredible. Being able to punch straight through a Titan's body effortlessly, Eren is a monster. He uses so much force in his punches that when he lands a blow, his own arms blow off and emit steam. His most impressive feats was that he was able to lift a massive, multi ton boulder with little to no effort, being able to lift it across a long distance. He was even able to nearly kill the Armored Titan, who has the durability and strength to ram into a solid stone wall with a running start, a wall that was specifically designed to keep Titans out.
  • Enhanced Endurance- His endurance is also incredible. He was able to maintain enough energy and stamina to take out over 20 Titans in his first transformation. Even during his fight with the Female Titan, he was able to keep on fighting despite receiving massive wounds and injuries from her. The same is shown during his fight with the Armored Titan.
  • Hardening- After drinking a bottle labeled "Armor", Eren gained the ability to harden his skin when in his Titan Form. This increases his already immense durability even further, allowing him with withstand a huge amount of debris from a cave in.
  • Berserker Mode- As a Titan, when enraged to a certain point, Eren will receive a massive power boost, enhancing his speed, strength, and durability to incredible levels. He also emits massive amounts of flaming heat in this mode. All of these upgrades granted Eren enough power to easily take down the Female Titan, who was able to easily take out Erne in his Titan form before.
  • The Coordinate- Eren also possesses a strange, unique ability to summon Titans to any location he desires. While his control over this is limited, he has shown to send a large amount of Titans to attack and devour the Smiling Titan.

Eren is a highly trained soldier, while also a devastating beast when a Titan, but how does he compare to the likes of our next combatant?

Red Hulk

General Thunderbolt Ross was one of the most persistent but less formidable Hulk opponents. Determined and dedicated to take out the Hulk once and for all. But every time he tried, he failed. With every effort, he could not take out the Hulk no matter what. He destroyed every Military vehicle he sent at him with little to no effort, but everything changed. Ross realized that in order to stop a monster, you must become a monster, and in result, he became the Red Hulk.


  • Master Tactician & Strategist- Serving time in the military, General Ross is an intelligent strategist, gifted with the cunning to overwhelm the Hulk using strategic plans, which while they didn't succeed in the long run, were quite impressive. This cunning combined with the abilities granted to him as Red Hulk, enables him to become quite a deadly foe for some of the greatest powerhouses in Marvel.
  • Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant- During his time in the military, Ross has gained expertise in the art of Hand to Hand combat. As Red Hulk, his fighting skills allows him to fight on par with the Hulk despite Hulk's superior strength.
  • Massive Strength- Red Hulk possesses incredible super human strength. He is so strong that he easily overpowers Hulk at his base form (but this doesn't last long due to Hulk's strength increasing ability). He can easily lift over 100 tons, and he can further increase his strength through energy absorption. However, his strength does have limits, which allows Hulk to overpower him during their fights. Despite this, Red Hulk has been able to fight on par, and in some instances, defeat, against Thor, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Colossus, etc. Making him one incredibly massive power house.
  • Heat Generation- While Hulk's strength increases with his rage, granting him unlimited strength, Red Hulk increases in body temperature. As his anger increases, Red Hulk's body produces massive amounts of heat, to the point of turning desert sand into glass, and melting through metal like nothing. While this does slightly lower his strength, it provides him enough burning power to deliver painful blows. This does provide a significant weakness. If his body reaches a certain temperature, he won't be able to handle it, and in such, he will be put in immense pain and lose consciousness if further heat is emitted.
  • Self Sustenance- Red Hulk can be in action for long periods of time without the need of food, water, oxygen, or anything that a normal human would need to survive.
  • Regeneration- Red Hulk has an incredible healing factor. Being able to heal from pretty much any wound given to him, Red Hulk's regeneration allows him to take tons of punishment. However, it should be mentioned that it isn't as great as Hulk's. An example is seen when he was clawed in the eye by Wolverine. It took longer for him to heal from it than Hulk did when he received a similar injury from Wolverine. His healing also doesn't increase in power like Hulk's does.
  • Immense Durability- Red Hulk has incredible resistance to damage. He has taken a direct blow from Mjolnir to the face, and laughed it off, only receiving a small 'X' on his face. Having taken blows from incredible powerhouses, Red Hulk is incredibly powerful and resilient, but he does have a small weakness for sharp objects. Both Wolverine and The Punisher have both been able to successfully pierce Red Hulk's hide with their respective blades.
  • Energy Absorption- Red Hulk possesses a unique ability to absorb energy. When making physical contact, Red Hulk can absorb the energy form that person, tiring them and weakening them, and in result, increases his physical powers. He can store this energy and then release it, emitting a large fiery aura around himself to burn any nearby foes. However, as Red She Hulk stated, Red Hulk is a "Reactor without a cooling system", meaning that Red Hulk can overheat on energy and in result, pass out unconscious.

Alright, now we have a good idea on what these characters can dish out when put into a one on one fight, lets see who comes out on top.


(Red Hulk is seen crashing down in the middle of a large forest, crushing many trees in the process. He is seen smiling sadistically as he holds a crushed android in his palm.)

Red Hulk: Pathetic.

(Red Hulk throws the android aside and walks into the forest, sliding his hands against eachother, wiping the dust off. Eren Jaeger is then seen flying through the forest with his 3D Maneuver Gear.)

Eren: (Thinks) All of that commotion, I know there must be a Titan over here.

(Eren continues to zip through the forest, grappling from tree to tree, only for Red Hulk to suddenly burst through many trees, startling Eren, who quickly grapples to a far away tree. Red Hulk looks at Eren.)

Red Hulk: Who the hell are you?

Eren: (Thinks) It speaks, it must be a Titan Shifter, like I. I must kill him.

Red Hulk: Don't ignore me, brat!

Eren: I'm the man who's going to end you, you monster!

Red Hulk: What?

(Eren fires a grapple over to a tree behind Red Hulk, then flies towards him. Eren spins around, slashing his dual Steel Swords at Red Hulk. Eren successfully avoids Red Hulk's slap and slashes his gut, then turns around and thrusts both swords into his back.)

Red Hulk: You really think a couple of butter knives are going to take me down?

Eren: Yep.

(Eren smiles, then jumps up and spins, slashing the back of Red Hulk's neck with both of his swords simultaneously. Red Hulk yells in pain, then swings his arm at Eren, who stares in shock. Eren quickly grapples away, avoiding Red Hulk's arm swing.)

Eren: (Thinks) His neck isn't a vulnerable spot like most Titans. There has to be another weak spot then.

Red Hulk: Come on, don't just wait there.

(Red Hulk moves his fingers towards himself to taunt Eren into attacking him, which works. Eren fires 2 grapples and flies towards Red Hulk, who throws a punch, but Eren dodges it and slashes Red Hulk multiple times with his swords. Red Hulk roars and swings his arms at Eren, who jumps up and grapples away.)

Red Hulk: Keep moving around, you coward.

(Eren smiles, then grapples towards Red Hulk, who growls and stomps on the ground, sending multiple rock pillars into the air. Eren maneuvers around them with expertise, only to suddenly get punched to the ground by Red Hulk. Eren, injured, looks up, only to get grabbed by Red Hulk, who looks at him and smiles.)

Red Hulk: Nice try, kid.

(Red Hulk suddenly throws Eren with immense force, smashing him into a tree. Red Hulk begins to laugh, then turns around, only to hear Eren move.)

Red Hulk: What the hell?

(Eren is seen slowly transforming into a Titan, confusing Red Hulk.)

Red Hulk: What the hell is going on?!

(Eren continues to transform, tempting Red Hulk to get into running position.)

Red Hulk: I don't know what the hell is going on, but at least I get to smash something.

(Red Hulk smiles and runs towards Eren, who is still transforming. Red Hulk lunges at Eren and throws a punch, only for Eren to finish his transformation and land a right hook onto Red Hulk, smashing him into the ground, sending him crashing into multiple trees. Red Hulk gets up and growls at Eren, who roars into the sky.)

Red Hulk: Well, this was unexpected.

(Red Hulk smiles sadistically and runs towards Eren, who runs towards Red Hulk. The 2 throw a punch, and their fists collide. A huge shockwave is created as their fists collide, resulting in Eren's wrist snapping open. Red Hulk laughs and lunges into Eren's chest, ramming him with his shoulder. This knocks Eren onto the ground, only for Eren to roll onto his fight and punch Red Hulk into the ground. Red Hulk lifts Eren's fist up, then punches it out of the way, only to follow that by leaping towards Eren, headbutting him in the face, knocking him back. Eren rolls over, but gets up and roars as he heals from his wounds. Red Hulk then jumps in the air and descends down onto Eren, who sends his fist into the air towards Red Hulk. Red Hulk smashes both of his fists down onto Eren's fist, crashing through it then crushing it onto the ground. Red Hulk then leaps towards Eren and punches him in the face, dislocating his jaw and senidng him crashing into the ground. Eren rolls onto his feet and runs at Red Hulk. He smashes his fist down onto Red Hulk, who jumps back, then leaps into Eren with immense force, crashing into him. Red Hulk rams Eren through multiple trees, only for Eren to grab Red Hulk, get up, and throw him with immense force, sending him flying through the forest. Red Hulk gets up and gets slightly angered, causing heat to generate from his body.)

Red Hulk: Time to rip your fucking head off.

(Red Hulk runs towards Eren, who runs towards Red Hulk. Red Hulk punches Eren in the face with immense force, sending him flying back. Eren crashes through many trees, while Red Hulk runs towards Eren again. Eren, however, quickly gets up and kicks Red Hulk with immense force, sending him flying across the forest, crashing him through many trees. Red Hulk opens his eyes, only to see Eren falling down towards him. Eren smashes his fist down onto Red Hulk, crushing him, then proceeds to repeatedly beat down Red Hulk over and over again. Eren's fists, however, begin to snap and tear open due to the massive amount of force Eren is exerting into his punches. Red Hulk suddenly generates massive amounts of heat, burning through Eren's fists. Red Hulk jumps in the air, grabs onto Eren's jaw, and drags him onto the ground, and kicks him with immense force, breaking his jaw and senidng him flying away. Red Hulk then jumps in the air and descends down onto Eren, who quickly lifts his leg and kicks Red Hulk away. Eren's arms and jaw begin to regenerate while Eren gets up and roar, emitting lots of steam from his body. Red Hulk gets up and spits out blood, then growls in anger as his body generates more heat.)

Red Hulk: You're pissing me off.

(The 2 run at eachother, with Eren latching his hands together. Eren swings his arms into Red Hulk, smacking him into a tree, only for Red Hulk to roll onto his feet unfazed. Red Hulk then rips 2 trees out of the ground and leaps towards Eren, smashing both trees into his face.. Red Hulk then lands on the ground and jumps in the air, uppercutting Eren with immense force. Eren hardens his skin to protect himself, but Red Hulk's blow cracks his hardened skin and still knocks him back. Red Hulk then roars, emitting more heat. Red Hulk jumps into Eren, smashing into his chest, cracking his bones. Red Hulk then spins around and punches Eren to the ground. Red Hulk begins pounding Eren over and over again, only for Eren to use his Coordinate ability to attract many Titans towards Red Hulk. Red Hulk is bitten many times by the titans, but he simply burns through their faces with his heat, and then tears through them with ease. Red Hulk grabs one Titan and swings it around, smacking it into the other Titans like nothing. Red Hulk then looks over but is suddenly kicked with immense force by Eren, who used so much force that results in his foot cracking and tearing open. This sends Red Hulk flying, crashing through many trees. Red Hulk gets up, breathing immensely as his body emits tons of heat, burning the wood around him. Red Hulk then looks over, only to get punched into the ground by Eren who has entered Berserker Mode. Eren roars as fire blows out of his body. Eren then drags Red Hulk against the ground with his fist, tearing his own fist open in the process. Red Hulk punches Eren's fist with immense force, snapping it, then jumps in the air, punches Eren in the face. Eren stumbles back, but spins around and kicks Red Hulk sending him flying. Eren then runs at Red Hulk, who gets up, only for Eren to suddenly punch him into the ground. Red Hulk punches his arm out of the way, then grabs it and rips it off. Red Hulk then jumps it and slams down onto Eren's body, cracking his ribs open. Red Hulk roars and begins pounding Eren to a pulp, only for him to over exert himself, resulting in him getting tired. Eren uses this to his advantage and he bites onto Red Hulk's entire torso. Eren gets up and spins around, then spits Red Hulk out, crashing him against the ground. Red Hulk gets up and holds his gut in pain as he bleeds. Eren roars in the air and runs at Red Hulk.)

Red Hulk: Enough!

(Red Hulk jumps up and punches Eren in the face with tremendous force, smashing him down into the ground. Red Hulk rips his face open and sees Eren's human body in the back of Titan Eren's neck. Red Hulk easily stomps down onto Eren, crushing his body, killing him.)

Winner = Red Hulk

Reason= While Eren is an incredibly powerful foe, able to easily dispatch Titans with ease, Red Hulk is on an entirely different level. Eren in human form will most definitely get his ass handed to him by Red Hulk due to his immense strength, Titan Eren will be able to do some damage due to his incredible speed and animalistic behavior. But while Eren possesses these advantages, Red Hulk exceeds him in strength, hand to hand combat, and intellect. Red Hulk's superior training and strength gives him the edge, allowing him to easily dispatch and tear apart Eren, whether a Titan or human. Red Hulk takes the win.


Fire Fist Ace
Fire Fist Ace


The Fire Dragon Slayer Natsu
The Fire Dragon Slayer Natsu

Thanks for reading this Battle Arena everybody. Tune in next time as I pit 2 Pyrokinetic Anime Badasses against one another.


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