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Ive' seen EVERY Marvel Comic film. Love em to bits. Seen the MULTIPLE times.
Georgian Stanescu

Plot was quite simple actually. hahaha. I found it very good actually. In that with the dinosaur actions. The plot being a new theme park is opened. However the dinosaurs are actually Genetically Modified. IT gets a bit too scientific for my liking. So then one of the Dinosaurs a Mother of a ...... escapes, and causes havoc. One of the creators ie the scientists is asked what components was created to make the dinosaur. They fail to answer the question, however it is then soon realsied that it is a Raptor. There were three Raptors that Owen(Pratt) was "socialising" or rearing, something like that. Then came along Claire(Howard) who is a sister to Karen(Greer) is asked to look after Zack(Robinson) and Gray(Simpkins), who is a Business woman and simply don't have time for both Zack and Gray. Human tragedy brings all the family closer together. I enjoyed the film emmensley. The sound effects and CGI WOW, especially when "more teeth" were required in that Claire brought along another Mother of a......and the original was brought down by a Sea Monster. So yeah it was fantastic. ON the edge of me seat.


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