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Karan Mistry

First of all lets take a moment to thank Mr. Scott Cawthon, sir on behalf of every gamer in the world i salute you. Now to the main thing.


This game unlike its predecessors takes place in a house and the player suppresses the role a kid not an adult. There are two doors on the left and right side of the screen, the player has to run to the door and flash his flashlight to check for aminatronics, in case you spot any you can always the close the door and run back to your original position. Also there is a closet in front of the player. Do check it regularly as that is the hiding place of Foxy, just run towards it and flash your flashlight a few times he will go away. Also there is a new system of looking backwards. If you look backwards you will see a bed with a Freddy plushie( soft toy) but occasionally more than one gather on the bed. That is an indication that an animatronic is close. Guess what happens when a lot of them gather around? You get killed by Freddy..... yay!! There is no battery bar for the flashlight which is pobably a good thing because you use that a lot even when sitting in your room. It looks like there are no cameras to look through in this game. Phew! it was always a task to look through them and spot the animatronics and used a lot of battery power. Mini games do make a return which is a good thing as they reveal the story and this time provide an advantage just catch the plushtrap when he is on the X in 60 seconds. Simple right? wrong it is very difficult and if you fail you get jumpscared, if you pass 2 hours are deducted from the next night.


As this is just a demo i cannot tell the main story and I do believe a lot more is going to come in the full game. All in all the game is really fun to play and is by far the best Freddy's and horror game out in the market. The official release date for Five Night's At Freddy's is 31st October but i have a feeling we will be seeing it a lot sooner than expected.


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