ByVictoria Watson, writer at

hello, i believe that we should bring back Issac Lahey for many reasons the reasons are

1) he is a more approachable character he comes from an average middle class home and has issues just like normal people sadly he had an abusive dad but that just makes him even more approachable because it makes us feel like he is just a normal person who goes through really tough situations and gets through them.

2) he is very attractive

3) he just vanished after Allison died and we never got to see how he coped

Reasons why we should not bring Jackson back

1) He is not approachable he is like that cool kid that you just do not talk to because he is so upper class , he is rich and snobby and he is rude and think he is better than everyone (in the show , no offense Colton )

2) he is going to try to get with lydia .... BUT she needs to be with stiles

... That is all

From Victoria .


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