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In today's world it is at once getting easier and harder to be an independent film maker. Things like crowdfunding, internet platforms, numerous film festivals, and inexpensive film equipment make it easy for anyone to get their films up and running. However, when everyone is taking advantage of these awesome new ways to get recognized for all the hard work, it makes it increasingly difficult to stand out of the crowd. However, that's exactly what the folks over at Justice Gorilla Entertainment are attempting to do with their latest web series called "Sense It".

What is "Sense It"?

Sense It follows the life of 5 high school students who use their gifts to solve local crime. Life in the town of Jofferson changes dramatically when the Principal of Jofferson High School is stabbed to death. The first murder the young town has ever seen, is quickly followed by another and then another. The police have no leads and very little evidence has been found.

That all changes when high school student George Barton brings together 5 unlikely teenagers. Each of these teenagers has a unique gift, specifically each person has a heightened sense. Madison has a heightened sense of sight, George has a heightened sense of cognition, Mikey has a heightened sense of touch, Billy a heightened sense of hearing, and Nikey a heightened sense of smell.

After catching the killer, things seem to return to normal in Jofferson, that is until more bodies start to drop. Something fishy is happening in this little town, but can high school students really stop it? This question and so many more have to be answered! How did the children get their powers? Were they born with it, drug induced, or some sort of twisted science experiment? Why have so many towns people turned into cold blooded murderers? Is it something in the water, a long hidden town secret, or something much darker?

Sense It will appear in weekly episodes, about 40 minutes long, on the Justice Gorilla's youtube channel and on the Justice Gorilla website.

Who are the creators of Sense It?

Justice Gorilla Entertainment was established by high school students Jeremiah Paul, Grant Deguzman, and Nicholas Paul as a way to share their creativity with a larger audience. The show is co-created by Jeremiah, Grant, and Nicholas. The script is written by Jeremiah Paul and co-edited by Grant and Nicholas.

Crowdfunding - How can you help?

Currently, we are in need of filming equipment, and as highschool students, we don't currently have the funds to buy much of anything. We're looking to go low budget and by cost effective camera, lighting equipment, and sound equipment. The estimated cost to purchase the equipment and cover some additional costs, is $2200. This cost can easily be obtained through the awesome use of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is where a bunch of people come together and pledge a small (or large) amount of money in order to make the project come to life. Using the crowdfundning site GoFundMe, the creators of Sense It are hoping to reach the $2200 goal as soon as possible to make the show a reality. To donate go to Many awesome prizes exist for helping make this creative endeavor real!


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