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Not sure what to watch tonight? Doing more browsing then actual watching? Let’s stop you there! Here are five films you can watch right now on Netflix.

At least his Doc was a success?
At least his Doc was a success?

Title: Mitt
Year: 2014
Who's In It: Mitt Romney
What The Heck Is It: Most people only see the side of ex-GOP candidate Mitt Romney that they want to see. Greg Whiteley’s brilliant Netflix Original Documentary is out to show you a side of Mitt you probably didn’t think existed. With candid moments of vulnerability, and an inside look at the pressures of beating an incumbent POTUS. This documentary completely changed my opinion of the man

The Crimson Bolt aka Justice!
The Crimson Bolt aka Justice!

Title: Super
Year: 2011
Whose In It?: Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page
What The Heck Is It?: A dark comedy with many underlying themes such as mental and substance abuse, lost love, and fanboyism, all of them wrapped in a comedy that’s just as much satire as it is strong comic book lore. Wilson’s character loses the love of his life to a scumbag criminal (Kevin Bacon), and feels dealing out justice is the only way for him to feel whole again. Be warned there is definitely violence, and not in that fantasy way. Just pure, unadulterated violence. The film also features a really great animated opening sequence.

Spoiler Alert!: Ryan Gosling is in this movie
Spoiler Alert!: Ryan Gosling is in this movie

Title: Only God Forgives
Year: 2013
Whose In It?: Ryan Gosling, Vithaya Pansringarm
What The Heck Is It?: Julian (Gosling) is a part-time gym owner in Thailand, which serves as a front for a smuggling ring he runs with his sibling Billy. When Billy is killed, Julian is sent out for revenge by his mother/kingpin Crystal (Kristin Scott Thomas). What he runs into is Bangkok detective Chang who is more then he appears here. If you watch the film in the context we did. We won’t spoil anything, but let’s just say subtlety isn’t normally director Nicolas Winding Refn’s taste. However here he brings idiosyncrasies and plays them up, but only noticeable in small doses.

Death is such a sweet, sweet sound.
Death is such a sweet, sweet sound.

Title: A Band Called Death
Year: 2014
Whose In It?: The Band Death
What The Heck Is It?: A classic rock doc showcases a band that was Punk before bands like The Sex Pistols in Britain, and The Ramones here in the United States. What really tugs at you is the humility of the titular bands' remaining members. Whether you’re a fan of rock music or not, this is a story that transcends it’s musical genre while simultaneously paying homage to a hidden gem.

Title: Battle Royale
Year: 2000
Whose In It?: Tatasuya Fujiwara, Aki Meada
What The Heck Is It?: Imagine ,if you will, The Hunger Games, but with blood and violence everywhere! One could say that sums up Battle Royale fairly well. And whole there’s a lack of Katniss Everdeen, this is more then made up for in the way of deaths that are horrific and reactions that are juxtaposed with that sentiment.

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