ByClint Walters, writer at

J Michael is brilliant, I really enjoyed the story-arc of the John Sheridan character from Babylon 5, from soldier, to leader, to savior which as I write this I can't help but link the Wachowski's story of Neo as the most similiar in modern science-fiction...both were stories visually ahead of their time, but deeper they explored our human hearts, bound mentally in the world today, with hope for a future beyond our imagination, and hope is what I love most about Sense8.

As much as this is a science fiction story, what's for certain about Sense8 is that I connected with each character...the actor / lover, the activist / hacker, the honorable warrior, the selfless son, the heart broken musician / introvert, the soul savior, the culturally bound, and the fighter...these characters are allegorical and are all weaved together from the human heart which is universal across cultures, genders, race, nationality, political and sexual orientation. The images are amasing, I've been transplanted to the streets of Nairubi Kenya (Not Africa ;) the cafe in Germany, the wedding ceremony in Mumbai, the lovers nest in Mexico, the street-cop's view of Chicago, the business centers of Seoul, the London Rave, and the majestic mountains of's beyond what any show has done before, and second place isn't even close.

Visually stunning, culturally enlightening, mentally beyond words, I want more of this Red Pill.


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