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The official poster
The official poster

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So let's start with the story. Barry Allen has been questioning why he's been getting faster, and he suspects that it's because his past is catching up to him. He turns out to be right, when he catches the Reverse Flash, the one responsible for his mother's death. After trying to chase the villain, he breaks the time barrier, which helps set up the world's colliding. The other thing that sets it up is when Nick Fury and Dr. Selving tamper with the Tesseract that brings the Reverse Flash to their world. From there, the two worlds collide, and the Earth's Greatest go to war with Earth's Mightiest.

Now, most of you know that I was not very big on Andrew's Justice League fan film. It wasn't bad, it just could've been a lot better. Though, I can excuse most of that film's flaws due to lack of good footage of the characters. That's one of the reasons that Wonder Woman and Aquaman were not in this, since there is lack of good footage of both characters. With that said, I think this is an improvement, since far better footage was available for all characters involved. On top of that, it was heavily influenced by Flashpoint Paradox, which is one of the best DC comics and animated films around.

One thing I do like is just the interaction of the characters. One in particular is Tony with Barry and his friends. My favorite line being of how Cisco comments on that he comes up with the nick names after Tony gives the name of the team he's on, though agreeing it's not bad. Another highlight for me was when Flash fought Thor, as the footage of both really matched up. The same can be said for Iron Man's fight with Green Arrow, given that The Atom's suit in "Arrow" is very similar to the Iron Man suit.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the battle between the teams. The last one in the city was essentially a war, with the characters attacking each other left and right. It was good to know that the characters just didn't stick with their counterparts. For example, Iron Man just didn't fight Batman, Captain America didn't just fight Superman and Hawkeye didn't just fight Green Arrow. Though, to be fair, Hawkeye and Black Widow didn't have that big of an influence on the battle, as it was the big four and Spider Man that had a bigger impact plot wise.

I also really enjoyed the Flash's opening encounter with Spider Man and Iron Man, as again the footage blended really well. It was also nice to see the inclusion of OsCorop in the opening, even if it really didn't have an effect on the story. Other things I enjoyed would be the usual Stan Lee cameo, the use of footage from 2014's Godzilla and the little meet up of villains at the end credits.

A big thing I found interesting were the team members of each group. The Avengers had teh big four of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk. The other big player was Spider Man, since he recently joined the MCU and has long been wanted in that film series by fans, Andrew included. The Justice League had Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Green Arrow. As already stated, Hawkeye and Black Widow are in the film, but don't play that big of a part as they do in the big screen films. I also think this was done to even out the teams, since, obviously, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were not in it due to lack of good footage, which, again, has already been stated.

Now, as most of you already guessed, the fight ends with a tie. It was obvious from the get go that the two teams would not be fighting throughout the entire film. In fact, the original trailer for this, when it was to be a collaboration with SouperBoyX and Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Lex were to be in it, pretty much stated they were going to work together at one point in the film. When it was to be based around that trailer, Lex was the villain. Here, even though Andrew originally thought that there wouldn't be a villain big enough to be a threat to both, the antagonist is the Reverse Flash.

With all that said, it's not a perfect film, though that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. One little issue I had with it is that music was played in the actions scenes later in the film a little too much. They're good tracks, don't get me wrong, but I just felt it wasn't needed. Another is a lack of the Hulk, or more Bruce Banner I should say. Hulk gets a good amount of screen time, but his human form does not. This isn't that big of an issue, as it probably wouldn't have affected the story that much, but I would've like to see more of Banner is all I'm saying. But that's pretty much it as far as a few small nitpicks go.

Now, for the end credits scenes. One involves Bruce and Clark discovering Thor's hammer. The other scene involves the Reverse Flash bringing together villains from both universes. From the DC universe, it's General Zod and Sinestro. From the Marvel universe, it's Loki and the Mandarin. There's also a quick glimpse of Red Skull, though he's not present with the other five villains. My guess is that this is hinting at a sequel to this film, and Andrew even hinted at it in a response comment in the video where you can download the film. Provided he does make a sequel, though, don't expect it for a while. If I had to guess, maybe when we get better footage of the characters that were not in this, like Wonder Woman and Aquaman, but it's just a simple guess. Given the number of villains, I'd also assume that more members will join each team, like Scarlet Witch, Falcon, War Machine and Vision may join the Avengers and perhaps the two previously mentioned characters, along with The Atom, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, and maybe Cyborg. Again, it's just a guess, so we'll see what happens. One thing that I found great in the credits was a sort of "Making of" footage in the small screen on the top right.

All in all, this is a really well made fan film. The scenes blend together well, the story is excellent, the battles are what the title promises and the interactions are handled well. For what Andrew had to work with, he did a great job, and of course that he did a great job putting characters in one scene, such as Superman, Batman Green Lantern and Flash or Thor, Hawkeye and Green Lantern. If you're a comic book fan, you'll enjoy this, and even if you're not one, you'll like it too. That's all for now. Thanks for reading.


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