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The heroes of the DCU have had their differences on more than one occasion. That's right people, Marvel's heroes aren't the only ones with relationship issues. With [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) coming to theaters in just under a year, the conflict that ensues has got me thinking... what if DC's heroes faced the Superhero Registration Act?

Just for the folks who aren't familiar with the SRA, it's an act that required anyone in the United States with superhuman abilities to register with the federal government as a human weapon, as well as reveal their true identity to the public. Concerning the heroes of the DCU, who would be for it, and who would be against it? Let's take a look at a few of our favorite heroes and see which side they might choose.

The Side of Pro-registration

Green Lantern (Jon Stewart)

I wouldn't be happy about this, considering he's one of my favorite DC heroes. However, I believe that Jon Stewart would eventually sign on the dotted line, given that he has already worked for the government during his time in the military. GL is also a firm believer in taking responsibility for his actions, and may feel guilty for all of the casualties that he may have caused, resulting in him taking the "safe" route and becoming a registered superhero.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel would register without a doubt, and I'd be surprised if he didn't. Not only does he look up to Superman (who would definitely register) but he's a twelve year old who doesn't really think for himself. Captain Marvel is also the kind of hero who would willingly grant the wishes of the people that he works so hard to protect.


I know he was only a pro government, All-American Superhero during the alternate timeline in Flashpoint, but I think Victor would be convinced by the other pro-registration heroes to give in to the SRA. Just like the other heroes on his side, Cyborg would be driven by the belief that registration is for the greater good.


You had to see this one coming! Big Boy Blue would without hesitation, side with the government. Like he once said "It's their world..." and he would do anything that the people would deem as "for the better." Superman would definitely be the leader of the pro-registration movement and would of course, attempt to influence his fellow heroes to "fight the good fight" right alongside him. Unfortunately for Superman, he wouldn't be able to convince everyone...

The Side of Anti-Registration


I am the night.
I am the night.

Here's another one I know you had to have seen coming. Batman giving up his identity, registering with the government to become their superhero, rising at their beck and call? Yeah, that's not likely! The Dark Knight would without a doubt be the leader of the heroes against registration.


Just like Batman, the King of Atlantis wouldn't be caught dead as a registered superhero. Of course he's down for making the world a better place, but he wouldn't be down for being a government lap dog. He wouldn't hesitate to side with the Caped Crusader.

Wonder Woman

This one was a little tough. Yes, Wonder Woman is all for making the world a better place, but would she really give in and become a registered superhero? My guess is no. She's an immensely powerful and independent warrior princess who bows to no man or woman. Wonder Woman would allow herself to work with a team, but she wouldn't allow herself to be controlled, especially by a man. I believe that if she were to register, she'd be turning her back on what she once believed in.


Just like Wonder Woman, Shayera is a strong and independent woman who takes pride in handling her own. I doubt Hawkgirl would hesitate in going underground with Batman and the other rebellious heroes , joining in their crusade.

Now that we've established who's on what side, let's take a look at who I think would be straddling the fence.

Flash (Barry Allen)

This took some thought, and I think both sides would appeal to Barry. On the side of pro registration, he would see it as the right thing to do, by being accountable for his actions at all times, and making the people feel as safe as possible. On the other side, I think the Flash would see it as a righteous rebellion, fighting to hold onto his freedom. He wouldn't need to register with the government in order to take responsibility for his actions. Or would he?

Green Arrow

Some of you may not know this, but Green Arrow is a die hard liberal, so he's open to new behavior or opinions, and is willing to do away with traditional values. That being said, I think it could go either way for our hooded hero. I think he'd see registration as an opportunity to do the right thing in the people's eyes, and would see being against registration as continuing to be the vigilante he already was; taking responsibility for his actions, and righting his wrongs through everyday heroics, answering only to himself.

Martian Manhunter

This one may be a little biased. I like to believe that his first decision would be to join Superman in his pro registration movement, until Batman finally got to him. "You don't owe these people anything" is what I can hear Bruce tell him. If he was pro registration, he could do what the people wanted, possibly becoming a hero they're no longer afraid of. If he was anti-registration, he could do what he wanted, continuing to be the responsible hero he always was. Besides, J'onn hasn't been too fond of the government in the past. Still, I think this one could go either way.

What do you folks think?


Which side are YOU on?


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