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So With Fantastic Four Just Right Around The Corner, I have decided to tell you why i'm particularly excited for it and to me why it won't suck.

5. Ensemble Cast Of Characters- Miles Teller As Reed Richards AKA Mr Fantastic, Kate Mara As Sue Storm AKA Invisible Woman, Michael B. Jordan As Johnny Storm AKA Human Torch, Jamie Bell As Ben Grimm AKA The Thing, Reg E. Cathey As Franklin Storm, And Toby Kebbell As The Villain "Doom".

4. How Ben Grimm Is Being Brought To Life As The Thing - Jamie Bell's Version Of The Thing Will Be Completely Different From What We Saw In 2005's Fantastic Four. Instead Of Wearing A Body Suit, Ben Grim AKA The Thing Will Be A Full CGI Character And That Is Actually Made Out Of Rock.

3. How They Get Their Powers - The Fantastic Four are generally known for getting their powers when they venture in to space to study a cosmic storm from afar. A miscalculation on the part of Reed Richards meant that they actually weren’t as far from the storm as he thought and exposure to it altered their molecular structure, granting them their respective abilities. In this movie, it has been said that they will gain powers when Reed Richards looks in to opening portals to and venturing in to alternate dimensions. One on occasion, they Fantastic Four will step in to one of these dimensions and come back having gained superpowers in there. It’s a controversial change (and one ripped directly from the recent Ultimate universe, for the record), but one that will at least differentiate it from the origin stories of the last Fantastic Four franchise. How it will go down with fans remains to be seen – though the fact that the whole “other dimension” thing means alternate universes could be explored in this continuity is exciting.

2. A Shared Universe With The X-Men -

Although this isn’t 100% confirmed, it is widely believed that this Fantastic Four reboot movie – as produced by Fox – will be set in the same universe as Fox’s popular ongoing X-Men movie franchise. With the recent news that the new Deadpool movie will be set in the X-Men movie continuity, the Fantastic Four could become the next non-mutants to invade the franchise. The potential for epic stories from the comic books expands exponentially if the Fantastic Four and their associated characters join Wolverine, Magneto, Professor Xavier and Mystique et al, as the likes of Doctor Doom, Mole Man, the Skrulls, Annihilus and Galactus could provide a non-mutant threat for our favourite mutant heroes, while the heroes will obviously gain new allies. All that said, the shared universe concept doesn’t necessarily mean the two teams will ever crossover – and Fox have stated as much in that regard.

1. Toby Kebbell As The Villain Doom - Could Doom Be the best , the greatest , and most threatening villain to pit against the Fantastic Four?? I Think Yes. My most anticipating thing to see for Doom is his occupation as a programmer/blogger. Also excited to see how doom gets his powers. I Know his powers are connected to how the Fantastic Four Get Their Powers. The final tidbit of information is that it sounds like Doom is probably going to have an accent. Lets Just Hope It Ain't Over The Top.


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