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While there are many talented creators on Moviepilot who write insightful and fun articles about TV Shows and Movies, I thought I would give a shout out to some of the leading Creators on TV who are responsible for what we write about to begin with. From the dramas of Shonda Rhimes that have become a staple of ABC, to the heroes of Greg Berlanti that now lead the CW, to the laughs and screams of Ryan Murphy's horror shows. These three have made their mark on the TV we watch today, exploring diversity in casts from LGBT to minority characters, as well as revolutionizing storytelling in their respective genres and as we prepare to enter the 2015-2016 season, they are set to further expand their repertoire for our entertainment, maybe more than you'd think.

Shonda Rhimes, Queen of ABC and Thursday Night

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Thank God It's Thursday

Anyone who watches ABC knows of Shonda Rhimes, or else at least knows of and watches one of her shows. Shonda has made so many shows for the network that there is an entire night devoted to them leading to the popular . This includes the famous medical drama Grey's Anatomy, which will enter it's 12th season making it one of the longest lasting shows on TV, the political thriller Scandal led by Kerry Washington that is starting it's 5th season, and last but certainly not least the recent legal thriller How To Get Away With Murder with the amazing Viola Davis. Through these shows, Shonda Rhimes has become an expert of what we love about drama television exploring themes of drama, love, sexuality, mystery, power, betrayal, and suspense. On top of this, Shondaland is set to introduce the new series The Catch which, with no more room on Thursday nights, will wait till the midseason. With so many great characters, settings, and stories it's impossible not to be a Shonda fan in some form and she will probably rule ABC Thursdays for the foreseeable future.

Greg Berlanti - DC's TV Champion and King of CW

Berlanti with his characters the Flash and Supergirl
Berlanti with his characters the Flash and Supergirl

While DC rapidly tries to create a new shared universe on film to rival Marvel's, it doesn't seem to realize it already has a pretty great one on TV thanks to Greg Berlanti. Beginning on the CW with Arrow (2012) Berlanti later expanded this show to include The Flash (2014) and will soon add the animated Vixen (2015) on the CW Seed as well as DC's Legend's of Tomorrow (2016) during the midseason. Berlanti has thus taken the spinoff and turned it into the first TV shared universe with superheroes and vigilantes and helping to make the CW as popular as some of the other major networks. He hasn't stopped there, writing and producing Supergirl about the titular heroine which will premeire this fall on CBS, as well as Blindspot, a mystery series about a women found by the FBI with tattoos each of which is a clue to a future crime. Blindspot will premiere this fall on NBC where Berlanti also produces The Mysteries of Laura entering it's second season this year. Heading 6 series this fall, three of which will be connected, makes Berlanti perhaps the most prolific creator on television right now, and just as with Shonda you almost certainly watch one of his shows. Berlanti will likely continue to help champion the idea that superheroes can be just as engaging on TV as they are in movies.

Ryan Murphy - King of Anthology Horror on FX & FOX

Murder Hose, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, and soon Hotel
Murder Hose, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, and soon Hotel

Most will likely recognize him as a co-creator of the popular Glee with Brad Falchuk. He is best known now, however, as the mind behind the disturbed yet brilliant American Horror Story series, each season of which has it's own ministory from Murder House, to Asylum, to Coven, to last year's Freak Show, and coming this fall AHS: Hotel. Through American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy has helped reinvigorate and popularize the horror genre on television with critically acclaimed storytelling, thrilling settings, and amazing characters thanks to a large cast many of whom, like the amazing Jessica Lange, often return to portray different characters each season. This fall, however, Ryan is set to add two new anthology series to his resume. The first will be another FX show called American Crime Story, except this will follow a real story each season, the first of which will be the infamous OJ Simpson case. Murphy's other show Scream Queens will premiere on FOX and has been described as 'Glee meets American Horror Story' as the first season will follow a group of sorority girls on a college campus rocked by a series of murders. Even if you don't watch American Horror Story (which all of you SHOULD BE!), you'll have more of Ryan Murphy's disturbed craziness to enjoy this year. Because of their anthology nature, all of Ryan Murphy's shows might be around for quite awhile and may be joined by other shows in the future.

Overall, if you are like me and just enjoy watching TV you enjoy one if not all of the shows given to us by these three and if you don't you might want to. Every one of the shows currently on air is amazing and the ones coming this fall will almost certainly be as well. TV is just so much better with Shonda Rhimes, Greg Berlanti, and Ryan Murphy at the helm.


Which of these creators gave you your favorite show?


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