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We all know that WB own DC comics movie rights. After a slow start WB have begun their movie franchise. We will see Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad in 2016. Then there will be Wonder Woman, Flash, Shazam, Cyborg and Green Lantern Corps. All of these movies will be great I'm sure but what about the Hawkman? I really do not understand why he is not even being mentioned for the big screen. My favourite incarnation of the Hawkman is Carter Hall. Hall is without doubt the most notable Hawkman to date.

If you look at the character of the Hawkman he is an appealing character. He is hot tempered but gets the job done. He is in a way an anti-hero due to his aggressive nature.

Of course Hawkman has featured with other DC superheros. He is a prominent member of Justice League of America. He has most recently teamed up with Green Arrow in Hawkman Wanted story.

Hawkman teams up with Green Arrow.
Hawkman part of the Justice League of America.

When it comes to the DC roster Hawkman is well known. His powers and abilities are notable to.

The Hawkman has Nth Metal in his wings,belt and armour. Hall can defy gravity when flying and in battle.

Hall's Nth metal also enhances his strength and eyesight, speeds healing, and regulates body temperature, preventing the need for heavy protective clothing while flying at high altitudes. Nth metal is known to affect electromagnetism as well as the strong and weak nuclear forces of the universe, but only if one has the knowledge of how to use it in those ways.

The Hawkman.

Due to his multiple incarnations and having the memories of all of them, Khufu/Hall has become proficient in many types of weaponry. As a result, he is an expert with a wide array of archaic weapons from his past lives, including battle axes, maces, swords, spears, and shields. Hawkman also has magical elements to his Arsenal. Hall has the Claw of Huros. A metal like glove that generates power from the world's natural elements.

Hawkman using the Claw of Huros on Superman.

Hawkman's abilities rival that of Batman. In Public Enemies, Hawkman is sent to capture Batman and succeeding (although Batman outsmarted him). Hawkman is a natural leader due to his long lasting experience.

This bonds him well when he is protecting the citizens of New York from villians on a daily basis.

Hawkman in action.
Hawkman against Gentlemans Ghost.

I actually like Hawkman moreso than the Green Lanterns or Wonder Woman. I find his character interesting due to his vast history. I like that Hawkman has the ability to keep memories from years in the past. This makes his character have more depth. But it's his abilities that really define him. His strength, speed, unbreakable wings, endurance, ability to communicate with other Hawks and power makes him a formidable character indeed. Which confuses me as to why he is not considered for a movie.

I would love to see a Hawkman and Green Arrow feature film. Like I said before, the Hawkman Wanted story is a brilliant one. Hall and Green Arrow complement each other tremendously. Smallville did this in their series which really should of been more developed.

Hawkman appeared in Smallville which led him teaming up with Green Arrow.

Maybe WB are planning ahead of time which means we all do not know what is going to happen. I just hope that the Savage Hawkman is not forgotten.


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