ByDawn Moore, writer at

This is the best show I believe I have seen in draws you in slowly like a breath of air and pauses your mind to think, reflect and remember back...just slightly enoughvto put pieces together. You never feel lost in the story line, even though there are a multitude mingled and entertained.

I like not that a woman goes to prison to protect her family, but rather she finds herself finally while in prison... Learns slowly of her "Sense 8" Brothers & Sisters & what it means to protect them for the right reasons. I like how the woman who is so deeply in pain over the loss of her newborn child, digs past that pain to save her newly discovered "Sence 8" Brother & Sisters" from the evil Sender's called the "Whispers" who have no sense of protecting a pod of 8, but want to kill them all which goes against what the "Sense 8" believe, which is to protect the 8...always!

To get too it...what I took from the show so far was how we are all tied together and need to be there, how love in the purest form is the strongest enotin there is and needs to be protected. This show is not pretentious or neither does it try to overwhelm your mind, its full of twist, turns, sex, action and thought....mind blowing!

If Netflixs does not do at least 5 more years...then they have no business putting something so artistic out, just to jerk it away!


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