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This sci-fi movie directed by Neill Blomkamp i found interesting but confusing as the plot progressed, this is a second sci-fi film I've seen by neill Blomkamp, the first was 'District 9' this film 'Chappie' starts with a scene set in Johannesburg. South Africa, in the Future where law & order is controlled by robots. 'looks like 'Robocop' from the beginning but on a larger scale.

A weapons company Named Tetravaal has manufactured police robots with code names scout , Thanks to Inventor / Developer employee Deon wilson played by Dev patel sales of the robots has sky rocketed , making the inventor very popular Among his other working associates and boss, C E O Michelle Bradley played by veteran star sigourney weaver, In any company there always some sort of rivalry going on with it's employee's.

Which Exists between Deon Wilson and Vincent Moore another inventor/ developer played by another veteran star Hugh Jackman whose an Australian ex-soldier turned Engineer his robot invention the 'Moose' 475 hasn't been chosen or approved by the companies management . which breeds the rivalry . However the gangsters of the city are under pressure to retreat to they're hiding place, Yolandi one of the gangsters girl friend comes up with a plan to kidnap the police robots creator Deon Wilson, by going on the internet they get all the information they need on him.

Luckily for them, Deon Wilson was hidden home with a Damaged robot when the gangsters ambushed him, at they're hideout 'ninja' 'yolandi' and ' amerika' threaten to kill Deon unless he reprograms the police robots for them giving them some sort of advantage against the law. Giving in to there demands for the safety of his own life, Deon installs the new software inside the damaged robot.

The robot is reactivated and needs to learn new skills, yolandi forms a close relationship with the robot renaming him 'Chappie' and the robot calling her mummy. things become difficult for Chappie when lead gangster ninja feels that the robot is not learning gangster skills fast enough, and abandon chappie in an open lot Among the same gang of youth's that hate robot police, with no idea how to defend himself chappie is stoned and set on fire by them,

The plot thickens when Vincent Moore secretly follows Deon Wilson to his frequent visits to the Gangsters hideout. seeing hugh jackman playing a So-called villain was a surprise for me and he really was convincing, if you're a sci-fi fan like myself put this on you're must see list.

This films budget was $49 million and its box office gross was 102 . 1 million release date was march 4 2015 in the united states


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