BySteven Claes, writer at
Fans must understand that a movie is a whole different medium than a comic. You can not fit years of comic book storytelling into one movie. So you have to slim it down, maybe merge some storylines together. I believe that is what happened in this case. Dick Grayson will have been the only Robin. He will be the one who has been killed by the Joker. There are set pictures of his grave. He could return as Red Hood in the Batman stand-alone movie. The scene in the trailer where Bruce gets the news article with 'You let your family die' written over it in RED could hint towards that. Would be cool to see Dick as Red Hood getting revenge on his mentor for letting him die or not avenging him. Eventually Dick will turn and fight crime once again, but this time as Nightwing!! I believe Jena Malone could be Barbara Gordon/Oracle, another victim of the Joker, who crippled her. I seriously doubt she will be the next Robin. With a movie introducing so many characters as it is there's just no room for that. Robin 'murdered' and Barbara in a wheelchair would be the perfect motive for Batman working alone and his unwillingness of being a member of the Justice League. (Eventually he will offcourse.) On a sidenote, in the past few years WB and DC are putting a lot of effort in 'educating' people who don't read the comics. Just look at the animated movies and videogames. They have a strategy! It is no coincidence that they made an animated adaption of the Red Hood-storyline. Same goes for that of Barbara/Oracle with 'The Killing Joke' getting an animated adaptation. They want you to know about the storylines of Red Hood and Batgirl/Oracle. Just look at the recent Arkham-game. What do you guys think of my theories? Does it make sense?

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