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Alisha Gillies has been confirmed as playing the witch in The Originals season 3. We paid a quick visit to the set of The Originals to check in on the production status, and ran into the wonderful actor and actress, Daniel and Alisha Gillies. Of course, I couldn't resist to ask them a couple questions after all they didn't mind.

Q: So before we get into the deep stuff, I must ask, are you two related to each other?

DG: No, we aren't despite sharing a last name and similar features we aren't related to each other.

AG: Dan's right we aren't related to each other.

Q: Ah okay. So is their anything different this season, perhaps any changes?

AG: Well since, I've been a fan of this TV series for a long time, I could tell just by reading the script that its going to be much darker, and mysterious. Also, there is much more conflict between the all the characters than, in the last 2 seasons.

DG: Yeah, definitely. There is also going to be more discovering about the originals sire lines and familial bonds.

Q: I see you are in a hurry. I have one last question, What is your character like, Alisha? And do her and Elijah get along very well?

AG: My character has a dark, mysterious, and sexy vibe when you first see her and throughout the whole season but, with her moods constantly changing I can't really find a word to describe her mood.

DG: Her character doesn't first get along very well with Elijah but, as time passes they become more confortable being around each other and definatly are less uptight then, when they are first introduced to each other.

Q: Thank You for discussing a bit of season 3 with us.

AG&DG: Thank you.

So that was it. The Originals season 3 premieres on October 8. Be sure to tune in!


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