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If you are a fan of good-hearted rednecks, hemi motors, or giant meteors (and who isn't) you will not be disappointed in the sequel to the cult classic Joe Dirt. If you haven't seen the original, stop reading this article right now and go buy it. That's right buy, not rent, buy it! The original Joe Dirt is one of those little movies with a lot of heart. This fact pushed that movie further than anyone thought it would go. With the amount of catch phrases (Life's a Garden, Dig it... anyone?) and supporting roles (Christopher Walken and Kid Rock) it soon became a cult classic. After its release in 2001 the world has been waiting on a sequel ever since. We finally got the news from the films star David Spade last year that they were gearing up to make a sequel. Only thing was it was not going to be released in theaters. This film sequel was specifically produced and made through the online video site called Crackle.

Now personally this was a first for me to see a movie designed just for V.o.D from a site as small as Crackle, Netflix maybe, but not Crackle. Regardless it was a second go around from one of my favorite comedies ever so I was definitely giving it a chance, and was I happy I did. The style of this one is a bit lighter than the first one. The story a bit tamed down, but it is our favorite redneck going toe to toe with America's douchebags once again. This time we find our hero lost on a bench telling his second epic story to passers by in a Forest Gump style of story telling. As corny as it sounds, it works!

Fair Warning: The Sequel is NOT as good as the original (it never is.) But this sequel works for what it is and fans of the original will be happy we now have it. Just so you all know streaming of Joe Dirt 2 is free on Crackle until the 31st of July! So if you have an hour forty five to kill and feel like busting out a few laughs, pop it on. You won't regret it and you just can't beat free!

Rock On Joe Dirt, Rock On
Rock On Joe Dirt, Rock On

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