ByFreddie M, writer at

OHIO — Legendary actor Mel Novak(Game of Death, Black belt jones) has been cast in the new William Lee Film Badfellaz, he will star with martial arts sensation Paul Mormando (Double Fist) in the new action film.

Mormando said " Everyone knows I am a huge Bruce lee Fan, and to work with Mr. Novak is a dream come true". Novak co-starred with Lee in Game of Death, one of the greatest martial arts films of all time.

This film has a great ensemble cast featuring the likes of Wiliam Lee, Joe Estevez, Paul Mormando and the legendary Mel Novak. Mormando points out that we also have some really great martial artists in this film as well, such as Robert Parham who is a true martial arts grandmaster, as well as Former World Champion Louis banks.

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