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Hello everyone. I just finished my Junior year of High School and my English Teacher made us read The Great Gatsby and we watched the 1974 film and the 2013 film adaptation. The book I was thought was good. Do I consider it a classic like everyone else? and I think book should have been at least five chapters and thought it was a bit of a drag. However I can still appreciate the story and understand why so many people love it. I enjoyed the 1974 film and thought it was very true to the book and could not tell a difference what so ever. However I despised the remake and thought it was just utter garbage. Leo is a great actor don't get me wrong, but I don't think he was a good casting choice and Tobey Macguire was atrocious in my opinion and I hate Jay-Z. If they were going to have music that's out of place it should have been Ozzy Osbourne because he's a real artist unlike Jay-Z. I actually would like to see a modern day Gatsby but not the way they went about it and Baz Lurman was a bad choice to direct it.

Anyways here's how it should have been.

Directed By: Oliver Stone.

Oliver Stone is one of my favorite directors and I think he does a great job at period films and would be the perfect fit for an adaption like Gatsby.

The music has no modern day soundtrack what so ever!

The Cast.

Christian Bale as Nick Carraway.

Bale is a terrific actor and almost can do anything. From Newsies to American Psycho, From Equilibrium to Batman Begins. His performances in American Psycho and Equilibrium show that he can play calm and collecting and also being a great narrator.

Matt Damon as Jay Gatsby.

Leonardo Di-Caprio is a fantastic actor don't get me wrong, but I actually prefer Matt Damon. Damon's performance in The Adjustment Bureau has shown that he can play honorable and caring towards his love interest as well as tragic which is the exact personality you need for Gatsby. This a role he was born to play and not to mention he looks a lot like Robert Redford.

Natalie Portman as Daisy Buchanan.

Ben Affleck as Tom Buchanan.

Yeah I know what you're thinking. Just hear me out. Sure he's been in bad movies, but that doesn't make him a bad actor. Affleck is a criminally an underrated actor who deserves more credit. He has the right size and acting chops to pull off a role. Plus it would be interesting to finally see him play an antagonist.

Jessica Biel as Jordan Baker.

Biel is a great actress who has the right looks for the role and right acting chops.

Christina Hendricks as Myrtle Wilson.

I'm aware that Myrtle is described in the novel as hideous, but that's very difficult to find an unattractive girl for this role. However in the 1974, she wasn't bad looking so does that really matter. Hendricks on Mad Men reminds of Myrtle nuff said.

Aaron Paul as George Wilson.

After watching Breaking Bad, Paul has shown that he can play emotional and sympathetic which is what you need for the role of George Wilson.

Willem Dafoe as Meyer Wolfshiem.

I'm completely aware that Willem Dafoe would look nothing like Wolfshiem but I believe that doesn't really matter. Like Myrtle looks don't always matter. Willem Dafoe is great a playing shady characters and would rock the role to a tea.

Bryan Cranston as James C. Gatz.

Bryan Cranston is an actor who can literally play anything. Malcolm In The Middle, Seinfeld and Breaking Bad he's done it all. This is role he can easily play with out reading his script.

What do you think? Did you like the way it was or would you have done it differently?


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