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For those of you who haven't yet seen one or both of the Hot Tub Time Machine movies, expect that this post will be chock full of spoilers. Some of the article also deals with extended/deleted scenes that were not part of the original theatrical releases.

With the tendency for Hollywood to turn even moderately successful films into franchises, it does not surprise me that Hot Tub Time Machine got a sequel. I have to admit I rather enjoy these movies as cheap, amusing distractions. They both have a pretty high geek-out factor while remaining completely crass, most often courtesy of Rob Corddry.

Just wrong, Rob. Just...wrong.
Just wrong, Rob. Just...wrong.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 was a box office flop. In their Wall Street Journal article, Ben Fritz and Erich Schwartzel try to explain the record low 46 days between its theatrical and home release dates:

"Executives at many studios will likely be eager to see whether the early digital release of a box-office dud like 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' can help stem financial losses by making the movie available closer to the date when the theatrical marketing campaign maximized public awareness."

Despite a low performing run in theaters, there are already rumors of another sequel. Having gotten a boost from digital sales, and now another from the BluRay/DVD sales, it is not unthinkable that there will be a third installment. Given the somewhat twisted extended ending of part 2, I have to say I would actually quite like to see that.

5 things I would like to see in Hot Tub Time Machine 3

These 4 guys and the eponymous tub don't count
These 4 guys and the eponymous tub don't count

5. More time-travelly goodness

The Hot Tub Time Machine franchise is primarily made up of low-brow comedy, but it is set in the trappings of a fairly smart time-travel plot. The first film talked about wormholes, the butterfly effect, and the Grandfather paradox. Part 2 dealt with the there-again, gone-again nitrotrinadium and parallel universes. I expect that the trend will continue, and we will see an even bigger and bolder nerd-flag flying in the background of the next installment. And speaking of nitrotrinadium...

4. The Chernobly backstory

If the creators do decide to tackle some big time-travel questions, then I seriously hope they address this one. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 revealed that the required ingredient for time travel is actually a product of the future that was sent back in time. For those of us interested in that stuff, this opens an ugly can of worms. I want to see a tie in explaining how this future product came to be an ingredient in a Russian energy drink in 2010. There is one guy in the films who might be able to explain that:

3. Chevy Chase, explain yourself

Just what is going on with the ultra-creepy hot tub repairman/time-travel guide played by Chevy Chase? How is it that he is always where (and when) the time-travellers end up? Is he evil as sin? Is he trying to help? Is he a neutral party just doing his job? And what job might that be? Even if we don't get the whole story, which I expect we won't, I do hope we get a few more answers.

2. The boys messin' with history

All I can say is, yes! I want to see these guys righting the wrongs of our past in every single one of the scenarios from the end of Hot Tub Time Machine 2. I want to hear Lou's take on women's suffrage. I want to see Jacob experience the roaring '20s. I want those four faces on Mount Rushmore by the end of the movie! Which brings me to the one, main thing I hope to see in Hot Tub Time Machine 3:

1. What happened in Cincinnati?

John Cusack plays Adam in the films. His appearance was hinted at but never happened in part 2, because the scene in which he was supposed to appear was deleted. This scene was added back in to the unrated content on the DVDs. It strongly suggested another sequel was coming, and that it would have to do with the now infamous Cincinnati incident. Not only might we finally see what has been in the shoe box all these years, but we will hopefully get the answer why Adam blows Lou's head off with a shotgun in the extended ending.

Normally I would be inclined to consider these kinds of films to be throw-away comedies, and I wouldn't give them a second thought. Still, between the natural if not terribly clever banter and the outlandish situations these characters get into, there is something about these movies that sticks. I find it strange to even write the words, but it is the truth: I want to see Hot Tub Time Machine 3.


Do you think the Hot Tub Time Machine deserves a third run at the Silver Screen?


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