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Nerd HQ is a crowdfunding project that was prompted by Zachary Levi in 2011. So how is this going to turn into my idea? Well, I have something in mind. Since 2011, Nerd HQ has brought you panels for some of your favorite actors, as well as interactive interviews every year at San Diego Comic-Con! It's a place where judgement is left at the door, for you are free to be a nerd at Nerd HQ! But what if there was something like that all year round? Before diving deeper into my idea, let me tell you a little more about the eighth wonder of the world.

All it takes to become apart of the fun, is your name, e-mail, and you're in! As soon as you register, you're given a sweet wristband that will need to be scanned on entry, or exit. It can also be scanned on the inside of the HQ to enter contests where you could win sweet prizes! Aside from the panels, and the special appearances, Nerd HQ brings you exclusive access to games that have yet to be released.

Not only are there games, but there's drinks, a sweet dance floor, and a spot to kick back and recharge; literally. In the lounge area of the HQ are comfy leather couches with a table in the middle of them all, giving you the opportunity to charge your devices.

During my stay at Nerd HQ, I thought that it would be a splendid idea to have something like this all year round. My crowdfunding idea would be to create an year round Nerdvana, where geeks could game, eat, and enjoy the latest movies and TV shows. The difference between Nerdvana and NerdHQ is that Nerdvana would only on occasion, have special guests, and would give you access to games that have yet to be released. It would be too expensive to have A-listers pop their heads in every month, as well as give thousands of nerds access to unreleased video games every week.

Nerdvana would have you covered, allowing you to game on PC, and basic consoles such as Xbox One, and Playstation 4. But it doesn't have to stop there. It could feature consoles from the past such as the Dreamcast, N64, Playstation 1-2, and more. There would also be a screening room simply for movies and TV shows that the guests could choose from via smartphone, or good old fashioned pen and paper. The nerds could just as well choose from a list of movies or shows that they would want to watch in the upcoming week.

Aside from all of the gaming and what have you, nerds could order food while they participate in the awesome activities that Nerdvana has to offer. Each week, there could be a new theme, a new event such as drawing workshops, game developing workshops, writing workshops, the possibilities are endless.

Your question might be, how would one keep this from becoming too crowded? Well, the nerds would be able to purchase weekly passes that would be on sale prior to the week you're buying the pass for. Just like Comic-Con, passes will run out, so you'd have to get yours quickly!

Nerdvana would be a place for new geeks, and old geeks alike. A place to relax, to be yourself, and most importantly, have fun.

What do you folks think?


Would you have fun at Nerdvana?


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