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When the despicable movie was released in 2010, the minions stole the heart of everyone. Despicable me earned 6 times more money than its budget. It was followed by Despicable me 2 (2013) which made a whopping 940 million dollars, 60 million dollars shy for a billion dollar. later on a Despicable me prequel was announced with the title 'The Minions' which was released on July 10.

The despicable me and despicable me 2 were a fun movie and also they earned loads of money. Both the movies focused mainly on the human characters in it. With the minions movie was focused mainly on the minions as it is the prequel to the despicable franchise.

The movie starts with the minions exploring the earth to find the most despicable and evil personalities of that period, so that it can be their boss.They always seem to find what they are looking for, but they always end up killing the boss or seriously injuring them or the despicable person runs away watching the minions antics. Their last boss was the french leader Napoleon Bonaparte who is accidentally killed by the minions in the war. Napoleon's army starts running after the minions, just to kill them. The minions save themselves from the army and take shelter in a cave. After long time the minions without a boss get bored of their life. But a brave minions known as Kevin sets out with Bob and Stuart to find a new boss.

After a long journey, the Minions arrive in New York where they learn about Villain-Con, a convention to be held in Orlando, Florida where supervillains gather from around the world. They hitchhike to Orlando where they become the henchmen for Scarlet Overkill, the world's first female supervillain. Back in Antarctica, the other Minions begin working for a Yeti leader, but once again accidentally kill their leader. They travel around the world to find Kevin and their new master to serve.

Scarlet takes the Minions home to London and orders them to steal St. Edward's Crown from Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, threatening to execute them if they fail.Bob crashes onto the mythical Sword in the Stone and pulls the sword, Excalibur, out easily to defend himself. Elizabeth is removed from the throne and Bob is crowned as the new Monarch of the United Kingdom.

.....................................After a lot of drama and action sequences and comedy scene..........................

Elizabeth is once again crowned Queen of the United Kingdom. She publicly presents Bob with a tiny crown, Stuart with and electric guitar and Kevin with a knighthood. Scarlet—suddenly revealed to be alive—steals the Queen's crown with Herb, but they are frozen by a young Gru, who takes the crown from her. Scarlet is disappointed until Bob gives her his tiny crown. The Minions see Gru as their new potential boss and chase after him to his home.

The movie is good for kids and is not made for adult at all. The movie had only one or two stomach tickling moment. I rate it 6.3/10 . I prefer penguins of Madagascar over minions.


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