ByBrett Charles, writer at
... the closest had been the 2009 reboot. Only the most hardcore fans or followers or passionate enthusiasts of the series and Jason would really have noticed and oh when we do, it tears us apart and eats at us. Give us a true treatment that does justice to the series and Jason himself, if they are able to do that for the above mentioned people their will be no worries that every other sector of audience will love it for what they love it for just the same if not more. Start reaching the potential within the series, it is limitless. I do not worry so much about the reboot or time and settings in movies like these, especially Jason, you can pick up a story and characters anywhere along the way and make it happen, you can go to the past, present, future or follow a stretch of years with a character like this. They can make this movie and next continue with the sequel to the 2009 film though I did not like a few sequences, especially the ending and one piece of the back story really bothered me thouhh it had no impact in the movie itself. Here is to hoping for the best !

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