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Skyy Walker

This is in response to the article about Pluto & the heavy handed hug. Sadly here in America it is way too easy to make a buck off the back of others. Worse still we, the people, make things even worse. I'm so sorry this child was hurt and I know just how awful back pain can be. But if this family entends to file a suit I hope it's for the right reasons. A strain that young should heal. And Dizzyland is paying the bill and a cheap dinner to boot. But the author of this article is the typical "sh** stiring" ass-u-me-r we have all become at one time or another. Would you be filming your kid? Hell yeah I would because no one EXPECTS their kid to be hurt, let alone have their back "strained" In a hug by a guy in a dog suit! Most parents would ask questions before they became alarmed. So the "opinionated" comment was a bit snarky to me. A good journalist/author would know the article's unbiased informative read would go sour and turn some readers off to the author. You assume the family is "the bad guy" here without any information. Loved the article right up until then. It kept a levity that most article of the same nature lack, but in the end it just could not finish without that slap in the face we are all used to.


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