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The Avengers are one of (if not) the most popular superhero team right now. They have 2 movies and are planning a third. The movies are packed with action and excitement. And I am a big fan of the movies, and I love the cast. But sadly, they do not do there own stunts. They use stunt doubles, and I have found them. So, I am going to show you the real heroes behind the scenes.

Scarlett Johansson's Stunt Doubles

Scarlett Johansson does some pretty crazy stuff in Avengers, and I could definitely see why she needs a stunt double. But since she does so much, she actually uses 3 stunt doubles to cover all the things that she does.

Jeremy Renner's Stunt Double

Jeremy Renner may not have the wildest part in the movie, but he does more crazy stunts than you would think. I mean, he jumped off a building (it probably wasn't a real building, but still).

Chris Hemsworth's Stunt Double

When you are playing a god of thunder, you are bound to have a stunt double. I mean, he flies and hits people with a hammer.

Chris Evan's Stunt Double

When you throw a shield and totally kick ass, you are going to have a stunt double, unless you're Jackie Chan. But, in my opinion, I think this guy looks more like James Franco, than Chris Evans.

Robert Downey Jr.'s Stunt Double

So, this guy doesn't look exactly like RDJ, but you don't have to have someone who looks a lot like you when you are in a iron suit (CGI suit).


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