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Kate Beckinsale is one of my favorite actresses EVER. Not only is she able to pull off any role thrown at her, she has the skill, the looks, and the talent to play a character like Spider-woman.

I particularly liked her in Underworld, we were really shown the 'fighting' side of her, it was AMAZING! The guns reminded me of Black Widow, and her combat skills are just plain bad-ass!

Kate Beckinsale, Underworld 2003.
Kate Beckinsale, Underworld 2003.

Kate has starred in MANY (hit) movies, such as Total Recall, Underworld, Stonehearst Asylum, Van Helsing etc, and played an excellent role in each of her films.

And if you still don't believe she's good enough for the part of Spider-Woman, then here are a few videos showing her fantastic skills:

Pretty sweet, right?


Right, okay, here it is.

(Note: This fanart was made by me, so I really hope you like it!)

(I know the quality has de-graded, so I'll try to get a higher quality one up ASAP!)


Do you think Kate Beckinsale would be a good Spider-Woman?


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