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So, death preds, what joy!! Instead of dwelling among the living, we're gonna fall in line with the big question that every season has: Who will bite the dust? As we know, many characters do die in every season, so why would it be different this time around? We are going to cover our core group of survivors. Let's just jump right into it shall we?

Rick: No. That would be such poor writing and throw everything off center. If they do do it, the SERIES FINALE would make much more sense.

Daryl: Read my first article.

Carl: No, just because there is so much that could be done with him and killing him would be throwing away a well-written piece of character that hasn't rolled completely around yet. Personally, I don't think Beth was full-circle, but she died anyway. That was slightly pitiful to me, just because she wasn't in much of season five, and most of the second half of four she was missing. So, unless they want to destroy a character taht has too much potential left, they'll kill Carl. This would develop Rick a whole lot more, changing him into a very different man than what we saw in season five and what we'll see in six. But, killing Carl, that's probably not very likely...

Glenn: I doubt it in a way, just because it seems to early. Maybe season seven if then. As we know, in the comics, Glenn was killed by a very menacing man named Negan, and he's a total jerk, let me tell you! His death was not only sad, but undoubtedly brutal. It would develop Maggie quite differently as a character, but she's already had so much loss. They should only kill Glenn if they're plannnig on developing Maggie much, much differently, since the last two season we had her entire family offed. It's not that likely Glenn will die, but if they pull it off, maybe the finale.

Maggie: No. Diving into the comic books, Maggie plays such a wonderful role that would be so powerful in the TV show. She also has a kid in the comics named Hershel. Ironic, right? Killing Maggie to me would be the same as killing Rick. It would throw the story off center.

Michonne: No, she will not die. I can say that this confidently because of the comics. Her role played in the comics would make killing her do the same as Rick and Maggie, throw the story off. People may speculate on whatever, but you really have to dig deep on this show, and understand, ANYONE can die, but there are some that just won't at this time... But feel free to predict whatever, there is no right or wrong until the show airs again (Oct. 11).

Carol: So, dang hard to say... Carol has been amazing this last season and i personally have always loved her and felt so sorry for her in the early season (1&2). She was abused and just flat out pitiful, but has now evolved into a magnificiant character; better than EVER! Killing her would seem like a waste, but I can see it happening any time, looking at all she's done on the show, making people think she can take care of herself. Wonderful reason to throw a curveball and knock her out at any point.

Tara: Likely, I'd say. She isn't that popular. She's nice, but there wouldn't be a huge gap if she died. Possible this season, may be... But also, why bring her in from the Gov's group for no reason?

Abraham: No, not now. Look at the comics. Season seven?

Eugene: No, he actually becomes useful later.

Rosita: No, looking at comics once again. Too soon, way too soon.

Sasha: Not her either. She has proved to have marvelous strength but needs to understand how to wield that strength intelligently. Her future may be fine for a couple seasons if not until the end of the show. My opinion.

Gabriel: Possibly. His actor was arrested... Maybe they wrote him out for this reason, but I don't many people will care.

Judith: No, she is a baby. I believe it would be cruel to kill a baby on TV, especially on a show like this. It is possible, but may bruise the show if teh baby was eaten alive by zombies on camera...

Ok, well that's it for this article. who do you think is more likely to die from the group in The Walking Dead season 6? Leave comments and vote below...


Who is most likely to die this season?


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