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I already did a list on some of the ladies of horror, here, so here's a post for the ladies featuring some of horrors hottest guys!

10.) Cillian Murphy

Horror movies/television you've seen him in: 28 Days Later, Red Eye, and Red Lights.

He's hot because: Look at his eyes, I mean do I really have to say more. Plus, he always plays the mysterious guy, the mysterious, crazy guy but it's still appealing.

9.) Johnny Depp

Horror movies/television you've seen him in: Nightmare on Elm Street, Sweeney Todd, Tusk, Secret Window, From Hell, Sleepy Hollow and Dark Shadows.

He's hot because: He's Johnny Depp, I think it's fair to say that every female in their life has had or currently has a crush on him. He is one of Hollywood's most versatile actors, and he ages quite nicely.

8.) Ian Somerhalder

Horror movies/television you've seen him in: The Vampire Diaries and Pulse.

He's hot because: Like Cillian, he has gorgeous eyes. He also is loved by many young girls due to The Vampire Diaries, so he deserved a spot.

7.) Jensen Ackles

Horror movies/television you've seen him in: Supernatural, Devour, and My Bloody Valentine (remake).

He's hot because: He is a Winchester, and I can't include one without including the other. He saves the world from demons, and he is so cocky you can't help but like him. My mom also would've been mad at me for not including him.

7.) Jared Padalecki

Horror movies/television you've seen him in: Supernatural, House of Wax, Cry_Wolf, Friday the 13th (remake), and House of Fears.

He's hot because: He is the other Winchester brother, my personal favorite of the two. He is the sweet and smart one of the two. He also has a great smile, and his hair is pretty nice as well.

5.) Jared Leto

Horror movies/television you've seen him in: Panic Room, American Psycho, and Urban Legend.

He's hot because: He was a teen heartthrob in the early '90s with My So-Called Life. He is one of those guys who's blessed with becoming more attractive as they age. He has nice eyes, teeth, an Oscar, and is one of the few men able to pull off a manbun.

4.) Christian Bale

Horror movies/television you've seen him in: American Psycho and The Machinist (kind of a stretch for horror).

He's hot because: He plays Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, the one everyone thinks is attractive but won't admit because he's a psychopath. He was also Batman for awhile, so that's pretty cool, too.

3.) Bruce Campbell

Horror movies/television you've seen him in: Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, The Dead Next Door, From Dusk Till Dawn 2, Intruder, and soon to be in Ash vs. Evil Dead.

He's hot because: He's the king of the cult classics of the horror genre. He plays Ash in the Evil Dead, and he's a total badass in those movies, crazy, but still a bad ass.

2.) Evan Peters

Horror movies/television you've seen him in: American Horror Story and The Lazarus Effect.

He's hot because: Okay, let's all be honest... none of us thought he was hot before AHS came out and now everyone thinks he is to die for. He's hot for his characters, his characters make him attractive and he has a really nice smile. He's like the nerdy kid you liked in high school, but wouldn't admit to it.

1.) Eli Roth

Horror movies/television you've seen him in: Cabin Fever, Clown, Aftershock, Don't Look Up, Piranha 3D, and Hostel.

Reasons he's hot: He pretty much is the current king of horror and gore. He was once voted 'Most Fit Director' in Fitness Magazine and Quentin Tarantino himself called him "the future of horror." He also always gives himself funny little scenes in his movies, and isn't afraid to kill himself off in some brutal fashion. Without Eli Roth, the horror scene wouldn't quite be what it is - not to mention, he is pretty easy on the eyes. Oh, and I know that's a GIF from Inglorious Basterds - before I get bombarded with comments on how it's not horror.


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