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"Made in China" is the long awaited street photo book by Tripod City serving as an amalgamation of photographs taken across China where photographers Charlie, Paul and Chris were led to travel abroad and document the optimistically erratic, whimsically humorous way of life of the Chinese people. The book collates 48 images taken from a journey across China.

Photos by Charlie Kwai
Photos by Charlie Kwai

Tripod City is a unique photographic collaboration between Charlie Kwai, Paul Storrie and Chris Lee. The distinctive styles between the three combine to create a comprehensive photographic documentation of regions, people and events. Collectively, their ongoing practice takes street photography to another level, taking full advantage of circumstance and coverage of the unexpected.

Back cover of the book
Back cover of the book

You can follow Charlie @london.journal, Paul @paulstorrie1 & Chris @street.eye on instagram or for updates.

After a successful book launch July of this year at Jaguar Shoes in East London, there are only a limited edition of 500 available.

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Read more about their adventure here on VICE's Motherboard

Although photography was the driving force to their trip, Chris & Paul filmed and edited a music video which equally serves to convey the manic & alien perspective of their journey.


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