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Dre Admant

I have my own sense of where the plot of Halo 5 might take us and I am hoping that the genetic manipulation that the Librarian did to 117, comes into plot development. At the least, I hope that is not ignored as the story proceeds.

I do have one point that I beg to differ, on your article. I have not had the sense that the UNSC is oppressive or ruthless. Quite the opposite; When you look at the characters of Hood, Buck, Johnson, and both of the Keyes... Those people are Honorable and represent the leadership, at least of the military. Instead, I think it is ONI working behind the scenes, which is controlling and oppressive. Even disavowing Halsey, when details of the Spartan program began to leak. Despite all that she had done to save Humanity...While following ONI's directives.

Thus, it is my opinion that ONI is much like the KGB of the past. They are much like "The Sith" in Star Wars...Controlling everything from behind the curtain of secrecy. Soon October will be here and we all can see where the story takes us!


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