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Ant-Man, the last film of Marvel's Phase 2, was recently released and it is getting fans ready for Phase 3. Ant-Man helps prove a theory about all Phase 2 movies. As most people know by now, every Phase 2 movie has someone getting their hand/arm cut off in reference to Star Wars, but there is something else that shows up in all of the movies and has to do with the future of the MCU.

You're probably wondering, what am I talking about? Well, we know that Thanos is collecting Infinity Stones to become practically godlike, and Thanos won't let anyone stand in his way, especially the Avengers. Thanos has been watching the Avengers and has a plan as well. To quote Thanos' servant (known as The Other) from the first Avengers movie, “To challenge them, is to court death”. If you decide to take this quote literally, The Other is refering to about the Marvel comic book character Death.

Death is easily identified by her black hood in the Marvel Universe, though she has yet to appear in the MCU, or has she? Let us take a look back at each Phase 2 movie.

Iron Man 3

Tony Stark is wearing a black hood while looking for safety once his suit is destroyed. Tony has also cheated death before in the first Iron Man movie.

Thor: The Dark World

Right after Thor's mother dies, Thor wears a black hood at her funeral.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Steve Rogers, who has also cheated death, visits the hospital where Nick Fury is pronounced dead ( a false death ) after being attacked by the Winter Soldier, who has also cheated death. He is wearing a black hood as a disguise.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians is the only movie on this list where a villain is wearing the black hood of death. It isn't really a hoodie like the other films, but they are in space so things need to be a little bit more creative. Also, Ronan is working for the one and only Thanos who is in love with Mistress Death.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

When Thor visits Dr. Erik Selvig to find out some answers, he is wearing a black hood. Right after this, he sees visions of Asgard being destroyed. Coincidence?


Scott Lang wears this black hoodie and jacket for a while in the movie which symbolizes Death looking over his shoulder.

Theories & Ideas

  • The character Death has been following or looking over our heroes in Phase 2
  • Mistress Death has actually been behind most of the big MCU events, orchestrating it all because she either loves or works for Thanos
  • Mistress Death will take her personified form in Infinity War
  • Infinity War might show flashbacks to events from Phase 2 with Death in the background controlling what is going on
  • Thanos doesn’t hate the Avengers. He loves them. The Avengers are Death.


Do you agree with this theory? Will Mistress Death show up in Infinity War?

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